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About Us is your window to the world of love. Capturing the essence of tender love the site brings together a rich resource of emotions that will surely touch your heart. Relationships are filled with different hues and each stage of the relationship demands a unique approach, to do something special so that the romance never dies off. Love is not just about Valentine’s Day. It is about living each day and every moment to capture it in the loving memories of life.

Our goal at LoveCarnival is to rejoice and celebrate in this feeling of love. Here you will find different articles, tips, ideas and information to ignite the romantic flame in your love lives. The different sections of the website like wedding, honeymoon, friendship, anniversary are all here saying one thing…walk towards the one you love. is a romantic website perfect for every age group. After all we are never too old to fall in love and live life to the fullest. With teens, partners, married couples, the site has something for each and everybody. One can clearly see the relationships open up and bloom with a new glow.

We believe love is the simplest and yet the most essential element to make life complete and meaningful. It brings together two complete strangers and ties them in the strongest bonds for all the years to come. So come and join us in this carnival of love and bask in the ageless saga of romance.

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