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Teasing your senses and inviting you to a romantic world of love and passion are the different aphrodisiacs. Different people have different interpretations for the word aphrodisiacs. For some it is a fulfillment to all sexual fantasies and to others it is simply a way to create a romantic world around them. To what extent are these aphrodisiacs really work, is still a debatable question.

Yet the romance and excitement associated with the aphrodisiacs never fails to allure lovers and couples around the world. So here are some of varieties of aphrodisiacs that are said to create a magic circle of togetherness and passion.


Aniseed is one of the oldest aphrodisiacs that have existed. Even the Romans and Greeks have appreciated its qualities. It is said that sucking the seeds of an aniseed aphrodisiac increases ones desire.


Almond is renowned for its sensual qualities from time immemorial. It is said that the aroma of the Almond aphrodisiac evokes passion in females. If you want to include Almonds as a romantic treat then try offering Marzipan that is almond paste in the shape of fruits. It is both tempting and delicious.

Basil (sweet basil)

Basil is also a well-known aphrodisiac. This food is said to kindle the sex drive and increase fertility. This aphrodisiac is also said to produce a general sense of well being for the body and mind.


Chocolates are one of the most famous and yet the most mysterious of all Aphrodisiacs. Chocolates contain certain chemicals that elate our moods and give a feeling of overall well-being. This overall feeling of happiness boosts our passionate feelings giving us moments of joy and intimacy.


Coffee or caffeine is a mood stimulator and helps in creating the perfect ambience for love and romance. So the next time you want to create a romantic world around yourself take small amounts of rich dark coffee and freshen up your mind and body.


Garlic has a lot of medicinal properties and is also a popular aphrodisiac. The heat in garlic is supposed to stir the sexual desires in a couple. So the next time you are looking forward to a hot and excitement filled night make sure to make garlic your partner.


Mustard is one of the age-old aphrodisiacs known. Mustard is famous for arousing the sexual nerves and hence increasing desire. Having bit of mustard sauce with your pizza or hotdog is a great idea.


Nutmeg is one of the most renowned of aphrodisiacs for Chinese women. If you take Nutmeg in large quantities then it can create a psychoactive effect. So just take a tinge of nutmeg in your dish and spice up your romantic evenings.


Oysters are one of the most sensual and romantic food that is known around the world. Oyster as an aphrodisiac was first appreciated by the Romans. It is said that a combination of wine and consuming of giant oysters evokes the sexual senses and helps in making your world colored with love.

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are rich in zinc that helps in stimulating the male potency. This makes pine nuts a good aphrodisiac. So the next time you want to add that extra bit of magic to your love chamber try this aphrodisiac for a change.


Pineapple is a delicious fruit and a wonderful aphrodisiac. Pineapples are rich in vitamin C and helpful in the treatment of impotence. So why not give extra zest to your love nest with a perfect combination of rum and pineapples.

Raspberries and Strawberries

Some of the most tempting of desserts of all are the raspberries and strawberries. So if you are rattling your head what sensual fruits to treat your lover with, then this is the answer. These fruits are rich in Vitamin C and create a sensual feeling.


Who doesnít know about the fantastic qualities of wine. Whether it is red wine or white wine, it is definitely going to smooth the senses and warm up your evening to a romantic experience. Wines are one of the most erotic drinks and are known to be drank to celebrate every special occasion. But remember not to take excess of this drink. After all you donít want to doze off.

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