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Aphrodisiac Drinks

Aphrodisiac drinks are a great way to keep enjoying your romantic sensual life with your partner. Different love drinks are made from natural, wholesome ingredients that can be easily obtained. These drinks are not only healthy, rich in vitamins and nutrients but also quite mouthwatering. Each of these drinks have certain natural ingredients that can help enhance the mood. When these different aphrodisiac drinks are served with a romantic dinner, honeymoon or simply for an intimate evening then its sure to caste its magic. So select one of these cool and refreshing drinks and start a beautiful evening together.


For this you need 2 apples; 2 oranges; 2 peaches; 1 quarter red wine; cup lime juice; cup orange juice; 1/3 cup brandy; 1/3 cup vodka; 1 cup Sprite (zingy aerated drink)

Method: cut all the fruits into small cubes. Combine the red wine, juices and fruits in a pitcher. Add the brandy and vodka too. Stir well and finish with a splash of Sprite. Serve chilled garnished with slices of fruits.


For this you need one bottle of champagne; 4 glasses orange juice; cup Grand Marnier liqueur; 50g castor sugar, cup pomegranate seeds, orange peels, for garnish.

Method: chill the champagne and juice separately. In a jar pour Grand Marnier liqueur along with the juice and champagne. Mix well. Pour a little liqueur into a small dish. And place the sugar in another plate. Dip the rim of each glass into the Grand Marnier liqueur and then straight into the sugar. Divide the pomegranate seeds equally into different glasses. Pour the prepared drink into the glasses, garnish with orange peel and serve.

Pomegranate Sensation

Blend chopped seedless watermelon, fresh pomegranates and seltzer water with the ice. Add watermelon sherbet or another flavor for a creamier drink. Add a teaspoon of wheat germ, which is rich in Vitamin E. Garnish with triangle slices of the watermelon on the side.

Pineapple Marvel

Create a blend of crushed ice, fresh pineapple, fresh ginger and anise for an hot aphrodisiac drink. Add a banana to increase the potassium level of the drink. Potassium can improve energy levels, and so both of you will be full of vigor and the right mood.

Veggie Delight

Mix up an alcohol-free Bloody Mary drink. Some vegetables that can be mood enhancers are tomatoes, carrots and celery. Start with the tomato as the base for the aphrodisiac drink. Add crushed ice. Blend in carrots and celery, both of which are mild-tasting. To this add fresh garlic or scallions. At the end toss in some freshly ground black pepper, cayenne pepper or horseradish.

Kamasutra Nectar

Mix equal amounts of ghee (clarified butter), honey, licorice root and sugar. Combine with milk and fennel juice and serve to each other.

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