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Body Language

Body language says a lot about us. The expressions within us are silently reflected through our eyes, hands, posture, and the way we conduct ourselves. No matter how much we try to ignore it, body language reveals our identity.

Whether you want to create a good impression on someone or want to walk in to job everyday with confidence and a positive air, body language is the way through. And this special influence of your own body movements doesnít stop here. Body language plays an important role even in our love lives and relationships.

Expressing whatís in your heart requires both words and the correct body posture. If watched closely our body language reveals if our partner is flirting, is attracted or is completely head over heels in love with us.

So letís get to know the different body language interpretations and find out its significance in our everyday life.


The face says a lot about us. The expressions of the face are like a mirror to our inner thoughts. Whether one is feeling lonely, angry, aloof or happy, your face is the first one to say it. No doubt handling the face body language is the most important thing to do.If you want to appear positive and happy all the time then why not give a warm smile whenever you meet someone. This will help you appear warm, friendly and easy to approach. After all we donít want people to be afraid of us, but love us.


Eyes give a glance to whatís in our soul. The emotions of the heart canít remain hidden from the eyes. Soft with emotions, wide with surprise, cold with hatred or nervous with fear, eyes form the most important part body language. When you are in a relationship or want to express yourself with confidence then remember to make eye contact. Looking away from a person is the sign of shyness and lack of confidence. So the next time you want to strike a conversation with your sweetheart, maintain a steady eye contact and show your interest and love for her.


Who says hands are only for working. Hands are very important in delivering the correct body language. Open hand gestures are a sign of openness and honesty. By bringing your hands closer together one can put emphasis on oneís talk. With the correct hand gestures you can seem to be enthusiastic and confident on the topic that is being delivered. But remember not to make too many hand gestures as this will work in the opposite direction, making you look nervous and confused.


Posture affects the overall body language you want to reflect. The poise of oneís character is reflected in the posture of each individual. While talking, move towards the person to show keenness and attentiveness towards the person. If you lean back or move away then it is a sign of lack of interest and dislike towards the person. If you are lacking confidence then the posture generally is hunching of shoulders and head down. And if we are in a defending mood then we are all puffed up.

To say it simply, body language constitutes of everything right from eyes, hands, shoulders to our overall posture. So letís try to improve our body language and express ourselves with confidence and charm.

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