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Reading Body Language

Body language-the silent signals of a relationship. So you are hooked up with the best partner and yet things are not going the way you want. You know how to use your body and put across the most fantastic of impressions. But you simply canít understand how to interpret your boyfriend or girlfriendís body language.

According to love experts, non-verbal communication or body language carries much more significance in a relationship than what you actually say to each other. And the biggest challenge in reading your partnerís body language. Women being women and men being men, donít always send the same silent signals. It doesnít matter how compatible you are with each other, if you canít understand each otherís body language then conflicts are sure to arise.

So make sure you donít stumble over these unseen hurdles and have clear communication between the two of you. Here are some of the most commonly misinterpreted body languages between couples. Just read along and find the smart way to get around them.

Understanding Menís Body Language

As mentioned above, men and women have different body languages to say things differently. So here are some commonly misunderstood body languages of men.

While you are talking to him, he shifts his body away from you and doesnít even tilt or nod his head. So of course you take it that is simply not interested in listening to what you are saying.

The Truth: well women are natural talkers and not only can they talk and share things in the most natural of ways, but also instinctively move their bodies to encourage sharing. So when women are in a conversation, they give their complete undivided attention. They nod their head, smile and gaze at the speakerís face to encourage the person to go on.

But men are different. The concept of Ďtell me moreí doesnít come in men. Men listen to gather information and not to empathize. They are silently observing what you are saying and trying to find a solution to the situation, whether you require it or not. They donít feel the urge to reassure you physically of their attentiveness. Also they are not uncomfortable with silence as women are. They donít care to fill in the blanks.

The Solution: change your mindset that says that he will look into your eyes, every time you strike a conversation. If you ask him a question or make a statement that requires a response, then give him some time to think. If even after a while he hasnít replied then reiterate your point.

He is slumped over and not talking. So that means that something is definitely wrong and you must coax him out of it.

The Truth: there is something that is definitely bothering him. And since you love him so dearly and care about him you want to conduct that questionnaire round and find out whatís eating him away. When women are sad or disturbed, they say it through many types of body language. Right from crossed arms to the faraway look, everything says that she needs you to help her resolve the issue. She is seeking your support.

But when your guy shuts down, he is not at all inviting you or your help. In fact he is silently saying ĎI need some space to sort this outÖprivately.í He just wants to be with himself for a while. If you try to enter this zone, then you are sure to mess things up.

The Solution: your man has gone in his cave so donít push him. Once he finds a solution he is going to be his usual self again. What he requires at this moment is that you tell him you understand. So just kiss him on the forehead and just squeeze his hand and go about your work. That way he knows that you havenít abandoned him and are respecting his need for space.

He says ĎI love youí but it is simply not convincing. After all he is playing a video game or staring at his shoes while saying so. Why not look into your eyes?

The Truth: well if you are expecting your guy to look deep into your eyes and say those magical words then simply forget it. Men take this way of expressing things, quite cheesy just like a third grade film. It is not a matter of dishonesty that is reflected in his body language but his discomfort in the situation. Men are always geared not to show their emotions, as it is a sign of vulnerability. The more emotionally invested a man is in a situation the more restless he is going to be.

The Solution: when those magical words are said gently hold his face in your hands and with a warm eye contact say ĎI love youí. This closeness will make him feel secure and he will be relaxed with you. Add to his confidence and see the change next time.

4 Ways Guy Show Their Love

Gesture 1

He takes care of you with sweet unspoken treats. You send a quick sms saying your day at work is completely hopeless and instead of calling up he prepares dinner and runs a hot bath for you.

Gesture 2

He tries to put together small things for you, like getting your choice of cds and your favorite coffee so that you are comfortable.

Gesture 3

He shows his commitment to you. He tells that he is going to call you after 6 and water your plants when you are away and he does exactly that. Your approval means everything to him.

Gesture 4

He tries to find a solution to every problem of yours. Right from the broken toaster to your irritating roommate, he wants to handle it all. After all men are natural problem solvers and that what he wants to do for you.

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