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What is the first thought that comes to mind when we think of Boyfriends? A friend, a companion a soulmate and a confidant. Boyfriends become a part of our lives and fill the world with understanding, affection and love. No doubt each one of us wants a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Nowadays when one thinks or talks about boyfriends and girlfriends the thought that comes to mind is love affair. It has become a way of showing that you are attractive and is admired by someone.

But when we take a closer look, boyfriends are not about reflections of relationships in the society, but a special bond that is shared between two persons. People make boyfriends and girlfriends at all stages of life and the depth of the relationship becomes the deciding factor to what level is their relationship strong and mature.

Here are some of the different stages of boyfriends.

Boyfriend Buddy

Boyfriend buddy means, someone who is your best friend as well as your soulmate. Many of us, make good friends at a young age and with time develop a relationship with them that is one step ahead than simple friendship. This is the romantic friendship buddy stage. As the relationship grows, boyfriend turns into a more serious kind of relationship that may in the long run develop into wedlock.

Romantic Boyfriends

The other kind of relationship that starts on a romantic note and then develops into friendship can be said as romantic boyfriends. This kind of relationship happens on a more mature stage. When you like a guy on an affectionate note and develop a relationship with him then the relation is special and deeply romantic. You may say you have fallen in love and experiencing a new kind of relationship.


We simply hate the word ex-boyfriend. But sometime or the other in our life we experience this heartbreak. No matter on what grounds have the relationship ended, it always devastates us. Somewhere down the line we feel we are poor in maintaining the balance and adjustment that is required in any relationship.

Steady Boyfriend

We all must have heard about steady boyfriends and girlfriends. Well it is nothing more than being in a relationship with a particular person for a long duration of time. This kind of boyfriend and girlfriend are committed to each other and live their relationship based on understanding, love and support.

So no matter what stage of the relationship you are in, relationships mean nurturing and taking care of them. So spend time with your boyfriend and girlfriend and make each day romantic, special and binding to its true sense.

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