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Chocolate World

Taste Me…Lick Me…Bite Me…Chocolates!

Sensual, seductive and sinfully tempting, Chocolates are aphrodisiac of love. Chocolates are hot and completely blow your mind away! The mouth watering rich dark layers of chocolate is the most fatal attraction of all times. Want to resist this love affair? Impossible! So come and enter this chocolaty world and savor the delicacies of this sweet dark chocolate euphoria.

History of Chocolates

Chocolates are much more than just cocoa beans. Ask a chocoholic and you will find a flow of words like tasty, yummy, irresistible, mouthwatering for gourmet chocolates. If we only think about the word Chocolate then it means warm beverage that was given by the Mayan Indians of Central America. The history of Chocolate shows clearly that the Mayan Indians and Aztecs used to cultivate cocoa beans to make Chocolate drink. Later on in the 17th century, Italy slowly grew to the taste of the drink and then around hundred years later cocoa became a beverage in London.

But this was just the beginning. After another hundred years the Chocolate drink saw more transforming and chocolate became available both in the liquid and hard form. It is somewhere in the 19th century with the new companies like John Cadbury and Henry Isaac Rowntree that Chocolates were produced on a mass scale.

Today the chocolate world has numerous varieties right from the chocolate candies, chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate fondue, chocolate cookies, white chocolate, dark chocolate and much more.

Chocolate Aphrodisiac

Chocolate as an aphrodisiac is well known from ancient times. At one point of time, Chocolates were disliked by the Church because to its addictive and sensual nature. Chocolates are mood enhancers and helps in uplifting the spirits giving you a feeling of falling in love. Chocolates also have anti-depressant qualities. Now you know that whenever you feel low, why there is a carving for chocolates. Go for the dark flavored chocolates as they are rich and will satisfy your carving sooner.

Chocolates are addictive and therefore so many of us are chocoholics. Also eating chocolates gives an instant shot of energy increasing our stamina. Because all these qualities chocolate aphrodisiac are well known.

Chocolate Types

Chocolates are made of much more than just cocoa. The different varieties of chocolate include bitter, plain, milk chocolate, coffee flavored chocolate, white chocolate, cooking chocolate and much more. The different types of Chocolates are determined by the amount of cocoa solids and the different ingredients that go into making the delicious chocolates. It is said chocolates are not good for health as they contain caffeine. But delicious chocolates are also a source of phosphorus, vitamin E, calcium, iron and some amount of protein and magnesium too. They have high amount of fat and gives energy. So the next time you go hiking or trekking carry chocolates for instant energy boost.

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