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   Lovecarnival > Compatibility Horoscope > Capricorn Compatibility Horoscope

Capricorn Compatibility Horoscope
(22 December-20 January)

Capricorn compatibility takes a look at the compatible zodiac signs for Capricorn. Find out the compatibility ratio with signs like Scorpio, Aries, Cancer and Aquarius. See the personality of different signs and how they affect the compatibility with Capricorn.

Capricorn - Aries

A mixed kind of compatibility is foreseen between a Capricorn and an Aries. Both these zodiac signs have strong power, are constant and donít make any major mistakes. All in all they are both wise and sensible. Though there will be situations were they will love each other immensely, there will also be circumstances where they just wouldnít be able to see each other eye to eye. There will be major disputes about money, friends, career and who will take all the important decisions of life. Each will find oneself the right candidate to make the appropriate decisions. Though a relationship is possible between these two signs, there are doubts about a happy marriage.

Capricorn - Taurus

Both the Capricorn and the Taurus are practical and analytical personalities. High level of importance is given to financial status and security. On one side Taurus has patience and on the other side the Capricorn is ready to work for a common objective and both will share a mutual pleasure. All the dreams of this couple will come true. The ambitiousness of the Capricorn will match the purposefulness of the Taurus. Compatibility between these two signs is bright and fruitful in all perspectives.

Capricorn - Gemini

The Capricorn and the Gemini share just the opposite personalities and natures. Gemini zodiac sign people are impulsive and amorous and Gemini people are slow, faithful and cautious in their nature. The initial attraction shared between the two will not last long and there is hardly any compatibility between these two signs.

Capricorn - Cancer

Capricorn and cancer are two extremes of the zodiac sign. Cancer people are timid and gentle and the Capricorn is a leader. At the beginning of the relationship there will be frankness from both sides and they will be able to create an understanding. But thatís as far as the relationship will go. Capricorn will turn out to be too demanding and dominating for the delicate Cancer. Only a short romance is possible between these two signs. There is hardly any compatibility between these two zodiac signs.

Capricorn - Leo

A very unique kind of a relationship is shared between these two zodiac signs. The Leo thinks that the Capricorn is full of love and opens up easily. Capricorn also proves to be a good partner for the Leo as he lacks imagination. Both these zodiac signs are not very compatible physically and try to dominate the outside world. This can cause major differences in their relationships and the marriage can be very disturbing.

Capricorn - Virgo

There is a strong compatibility between the Capricorn and the Virgo. The practical Capricorn matches perfectly well with the organized Virgo. There can be small misunderstandings once in a while but thatís there in every relationship. Both these zodiac signs are conservative, dependable and reliable. They can look forward to a stable and balanced relationship.

Capricorn - Libra

Capricorn and Libra are not very compatible with each other. As the relationship starts the Capricorn will be completely flattered with the charms of the Libra. But as they come closer, Libra people will seem too egoistic and wouldnít be able to balance with the Capricorn people. Unable to express himself, Capricorn will look for partner outside. Marriage between these two zodiac signs will hardly ever be successful.

Capricorn - Scorpio

A passionate and romantic relationship exists between the Capricorn and the Scorpio. On one hand the Scorpio is inventive and on the other hand Capricorn is systematic, balancing each other perfectly. Their liaison will reveal new opportunities. Both these zodiac signs have a strong will and the Scorpio will be inclined to dominate the Capricorn. However, the Capricorn understands that this domination is of love and accepts it sportingly. This match will lead to a happy and satisfied married life.

Capricorn - Sagittarius

A Capricorn and a Sagittarius never strike the right balance. Capricorn is an organized and balanced personality and Sagittarius is extravagant and irresponsible player. They hardly have any common point between their personalities. Sagittarius will easily get irritated while observing the behavior of the calculative Capricorn. These two zodiac signs are not very compatible and their marriage will be an unhappy one.

Capricorn - Capricorn

The relation between a Capricorn and another Capricorn is possible. However, donít expect any sparks to fly. Even their romantic lives will be monotonous. As lovers they can be lucky if they aspire to get less than that they expected initially. The experiments will do, will not widen their horizon. But on the other hand both work quiet hard and can maintain a stable economic life. Their compatibility will lead to a satisfactory married life.

Capricorn - Aquarius

The relationship between the Capricorn and Aquarius will start on a romantic note but will soon change into deep friendship. It becomes somewhat difficult for the Capricorn to deal with the Aquarius as far as intimacy is concerned.On one hand the Aquarius likes adventure whereas on the other hand Capricorn prefers a traditional relationship. The freedom loving and the inventive Aquarius will not be in love with the practical Capricorn for a very long time. The compatibility between these two signs is possible and can lead to a satisfying married life but efforts are needed from both sides.

Capricorn - Pisces

Capricorn and Pisces compliment each other completely though their nature is entirely different. In the relationship, Capricorn will lead the way and soon the Pisces will keenly follow in tune. Pisces are very loving, sincere and warm people and make the Capricorn completely happy. Though they are very different from each other, they can live a happy married life.

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