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   Lovecarnival > Compatibility Horoscope > Leo Compatibility Horoscope

Leo Compatibility Horoscope
(23 July-23 August)

The strong and dynamic Leo is compatible with different zodiac signs. Leo compatibility horoscope offers the compatibility chart with signs like Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio. With these different compatibility horoscopes know how your relationship is going to be with your partner.

Leo - Aries

A beautiful and strong compatibility exists between a Leo and an Aries zodiac sign. Both of them are unconventional and passionate people. But the Aries tries to dominate the Leo and this sign is a born ruler. This is where the conflict arises between the Leo and the Aries. However, there compatibility with each other makes them overcome these differences. They are very happy in relationship and have a wonderful and strong marriage.

Leo - Taurus

The relationship between a Leo and a Taurus starts on a romantic note but this is for a brief period only. Both these signs are extremely obstinate and a competition will be explosive. More often than not the highly Leo will irritate the calm tempered Taurus. Also the Leo will disapprove of the Taurus avarice. On the whole there is hardly any compatibility between these two signs and no long lasting relationship is seen between the two.

Leo - Gemini

A perfectly compatible relationship is shared between a Leo and a Gemini. The Gemini will be clever enough to charm the Leo all the time. Leo doesn’t appreciate adultery but Gemini knows how to handle this quite efficiently. In this relationship the Leo will play the dominant role and the Gemini will go with the flow of things. Leo and Gemini promise a lovely relationship and a good marriage.

Leo - Cancer

Leo and Cancer have all the chances to make a strong and compatible couple. In the beginning the Leo is looking for a light and casual relationship while the Cancer prefers a serious and stable relationship. However, these differences of opinions can be resolved very easily as the Cancer reassures the Leo of his admiration and love. Once this understanding is built then they come out as a wonderful and strong couple.

Leo - Leo

The compatibility between a Leo and another Leo is a fifty-fifty chance. Leo can only think about himself. The challenge for this couple is to make two “I” as “we”. Both of them are extremely romantic and understand each other well. However, along with understanding they also have to adjust to each other. And once this comfort level is reached then this union can be one of the most dynamic compatibility couples ever.

Leo - Virgo

Leo and Virgo are just not made for each other. The Leo is quite a dominating partner and this extravagant nature of Leo is a cause of irritation to the Virgo who is conservative and reserved. Virgo doesn’t like to be manipulated and Leo wants just that. Also the critical approach of the Virgo irritates the Leo to the fullest. Only a short relationship is possible between these two zodiac signs and marriage is simply out of question.

Leo - Libra

Leo and Libra are two beautiful zodiac signs. Both the Leo and the Libra can have a good time together as Libra is both passionate and emotional just what a Leo needs. Libra people like to take life slow and easy and this works well for the Leo as well. However, the Libra must remember to shower the Leo with compliments and help to keep his spirits soaring. On the whole Leo and Libra can look forward to a strong and sincere relationship with each other.

Leo - Scorpio

The relationship between a Leo and a Scorpio starts off on a beautiful note amidst candles, luxury and wine. At the beginning this will smooth out the sharp edges. However, as the relationship moves on Leo will not like the jealousy that the Scorpio possesses. And on the other hand the Scorpio lacks the admiration and respect towards Leo. A lovely romance is possible between the two but marriage is not at all recommended.

Leo – Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius make a perfect match with each other. Both are adventurous and live life to the fullest. They are extroverts, passionate and completely gel with each other. Sagittarius stimulates Leo and is also devoted to him. Also the Sagittarius has great affection and he shows it openly to the Leo. These two share a fantastic relationship with each other and can look forward to a happy married life.

Leo - Capricorn

The practical Capricorn will not go well with the optimistic Leo. These two zodiac signs are completely different. In this relationship, the Leo may loose its brightness and the Capricorn in comparison is not so romantic. Even the extravagancy of the Leo irritates the Capricorn. Though a brief relationship is possible, marriage is not favorable.

Leo - Aquarius

A sweet but brief relationship is seen between a Leo and an Aquarius. Aquarius to many levels brings out the colors of Leo and makes the love life interesting. However, the Aquarius tendency to analyze everything becomes quite irritating to the Aquarius. This influences self-esteem of Leo, who starts loosing his usual self-assurance about his great power of sovereign. These two signs are not compatible with each other and marriage is going to be disastrous.

Leo - Pisces

Nothing is common between a Leo and a Pisces. On one hand the Leo is an extrovert and on the other hand Pisces is timid and introvert. Leo is just not able to understand the behavior pattern of the Pisces. Both these zodiac signs are more inclined to receive than to give. The relationship is more of an infatuation rather than anything serious. Pisces is a weaker sign and their lack of ambition worries Leo. Even when the Pisces is in low spirits, the pride of the Leo prevents him from being sympathetic. Marriage is absolutely not advisable between these two signs.

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