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   Lovecarnival > Compatibility Horoscope > Libra Compatibility Horoscope

Libra Compatibility Horoscope
(September 24 - October 23)

Presenting compatibility horoscope for Libra with zodiac signs like Gemini. Libra compatibility helps you to understand the unique personality of the Librans and how their temperament affects the compatibility with different zodiac signs including Libra itself.

Libra - Aries

Libra and Aries are not the most compatible of signs as far as their romantic lives go. The tension between these two signs kills the relationship slowly. On one hand the Aries is persistent and tireless while on the other hand Libra is a looking for a perfectionist and wishes for a stable and calm partner. This difference in their temperaments causes all the trouble. Though these two people are compatible physically, but their emotional life will be dull and plain. This kind of relation hardly ever reaches marriage.

Libra - Taurus

The relationship between a Libra and a Taurus is more of a love game than a strong union of two people. Taurus is too materialistic for the romantic Libra. This will soon make the Taurus burn in jealousy. Physically the Taurus and Libra is good match and the reasonable Libra can balance the Taurus perfectly. But on the other hand Libra is not always faithful to his partner, and Taurus may loose his temper because of that. Though a relationship is possible between a Libra and a Taurus, marriage is not advisable.

Libra - Gemini

A beautiful compatibility is shared between a Libra and Gemini. They have so strong bonding between them that is difficult to separate them out. It can be said; they share the ideal partnership and compatibility with each other. Both are passionate and neither of them is jealous or is trying to limit the freedom of the other. They also have many common traits and understand each other perfectly well. The Libra and the Gemini share a wonderful romance and a happy married life.

Libra -Cancer

Libra and Cancer are always looking at two opposite directions and hardly share any compatibility with each other. Cancer is too criticizing while the Libra is extravagant. Cancer is a homely person along with being practical and economical while the Libra loves to travel and adores anything that is bought with money. For the sensitive and trusting Cancer this is extremely hurtful and canít stand the unfaithfulness of the Libra. Though a relationship is possible, marriage is going to be a mistake.

Libra - Leo

A hot relationship and a warm and romantic marriage are seen between a Libra and a Leo. Both the Leo and the Libra perfectly gel in with each other and fulfill each otherís desires. On one hand Leo is passionate while on the other hand Libra is emotional and both create a nice union. Libra is a cooperative sign and understands the temperament of Leo.

Libra -Virgo

Virgo and Libra are not the most perfect of signs as far as compatibility between them goes. Virgo lives according to strict rules while the Libra is a completely different person. Even their characters have nothing in common. To an extent the Virgo is boring, materialistic and dull while the Libra is an easy going lucky person. The relationship between them is hardly ever successful and makes a very complicated marriage.

Libra - Libra

As quite understandable a Libra and Libra have a lot in common. Both are equally passionate and are cheerful, easy-going, responsible, dependable, and love harmony. But to an extent these qualities make them a bit impractical and they miss out on the ground reality that is required in a marriage. They share a very romantic relationship but marriage requires a bit of maturity also.

Libra - Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio are not right for each other. To start with the Scorpio is too jealous for the light and delicate Libra. The Scorpio canít even tolerate simple casual flirting and this goes beyond the comprehension of the Libra. Scorpio should dominate, while Libra should obey him. Well how long can this ratio exist? Though a hot relationship gets them going, marriage will require little more than that.

Libra - Sagittarius

A happy and a long lasting relationship is possible between a Libra and Sagittarius. Sagittarius loves adventures, so Libra wonít ever get bored with him. also the Sagittarius will easily overlook the small romances of Libra. But the problem arises as Sagittarius looks for a bit of change to keep him going and the Libra needs a warm and stable partner. Once they overcome these differences, there will be a strong relationship between these two zodiac signs.

Libra - Capricorn

Capricorn experiences a strong physical desire towards the Libra and for the Libra the practicality of Capricorn is very attractive. But on the other hand the Libra is lazy and this irritates the Capricorn a bit too much. Also the Capricorn will not approve of the keenness of the Libra to move in society. They are completely not compatible and donít make a happy pair.

Libra - Aquarius

Libra and Aquarius make an absolutely brilliant match. Their life is full of adventure as the Libra waits for guidance and advice from Aquarius. But of them are fond of socializing and taking part in public affairs. Even though always surrounded by friends that take out time for each other. One can say that these two zodiac signs share one of the strongest unions ever. Libra and Aquarius have a warm relationship with perfect compatibility and great married life.

Libra - Pisces

To put it simply, Libra and Pisces are not made for each other. The Pisces is a kind, sensitive and faithful zodiac sign who always look up to his partner for guidance and support. But the Libra is not ready to take care of the Pisces all the time. Libra gets tired of the desire of Pisces to rely upon somebody. Pisces doesnít approve of a wide range of interests peculiar to Libra. If the Libra gets quarrelsome the Pisces completely looses heart.

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