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   Lovecarnival > Compatibility Horoscope > Scorpio Compatibility Horoscope

Scorpio Compatibility Horoscope
(24 October-22 November)

Find out about the compatibility horoscope of Scorpios with also a look at their dynamic personality and charm. See how the Scorpio charms the signs like Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Also find out how the Scorpio compatibility is with other zodiac signs.

Scorpio – Aries

The compatibility between Aries and Scorpio is completely unstable and odd. The relationship starts off with the wish to be together as both of them take great pleasure in sex. But the Aries love freedom and this becomes intolerable for the Scorpio who gets jealous easily. Both the Aries and the Scorpio are egoistic, dynamic and ambitious individuals and this is what sets them apart. The relationship may start on a strong mutual attraction, but the romance is going to be brief and there are hardly any chances for a strong and stable marriage.

Scorpio – Taurus

Both Taurus and Scorpio share a passionate bond with each other and in their day to day life there are going to be many rough edges. On one hand Scorpio is against laziness and he is greedy while the Taurus loves to spend what he earns. Both of them are stubborn, and wish to dominate each other. These personality clashes make their relationship difficult and married life problematic.

Scorpio - Gemini

The Scorpio and the Gemini have hardly anything in common. Gemini has the tendency to take things a bit too simply, while the Scorpio is firm of purpose. Also the Gemini change their mind constantly and hesitate to take any action and Scorpio stands firmly on the ground. Their difference in personality will make their relationship unstable and marriage is only possible with their conscious and serious attitude towards each other.

Scorpio – Cancer

Both the Scorpio and the Cancer are water zodiac signs and this helps them to get along with each other perfectly. The passionate call of Scorpio is reciprocated well by the Cancer. Their physical compatibility helps to calm conflicts arising between them that are caused by the jealousy of both the partners. Though there will be temporary conflicts both the Scorpio and Cancer will be able to get past them and enjoy a wonderful relationship and a delightful marriage.

Scorpio - Leo

The Scorpio and the Leo are two strong compatibility horoscopes each standing their own grounds. Both the Scorpio and the Leo are short tempered and this gives rise to conflicts and violence in the relationship. The only common point between them is their passionate attraction for each other. But the Scorpio doesn’t show the necessary respect to make the Leo feel appreciated and the Leo just can’t tolerate the jealousy of the Scorpio. Though they may be able to share a good relationship their marriage is going to be an unlucky one.

Scorpio - Virgo

It is very difficult for the Virgo and Scorpio to grow in a relationship. On one hand the Virgo is very criticizing while on the other hand the Scorpio is just too frank for the Virgo to digest. Even if the Virgo tries to change her behavior to understand the rough Scorpio better there is hardly any chance for romance. There will be short intimacy between the two of them after which the Scorpio will start looking for partners elsewhere.

Scorpio - Libra

Scorpio and Libra don’t make a warm couple. The Scorpio is a strong zodiac sign and a bit too jealous for the Libra to handle. The tendency of the Scorpio to always control the relationship and have his way makes the Libra scared as this zodiac sign is too sensitive and lazy. But the positive sign is that both of them understand the responsibilities of each other well and try to maintain a harmonious relationship. The main problem in this relationship is the bent for luxury that the Libra has and which the Scorpio is unable to provide. This relationship will be full of frequent storms and the marriage is going to be difficult.

Scorpio - Scorpio

Well the Scorpio and Scorpio match are too similar to be compatible. As far as their sexual life goes, it is going to be sizzling hot but that is all there is. Both are determined, dominating, jealous and have appalling character. If there are differences in their personality then these differences also take them apart and soon the relationship shows signs of breaking off. The mutual desire they feel for each other will not be able to hold them together.

Scorpio - Sagittarius

The compatibility that is shared between a Scorpio and a Sagittarius lasts for a day and that’s how far it can go. The Scorpio loves his house and the Sagittarius is always ready with the suitcase for a new adventure. In their relationship the Scorpio tries to take full control and he demands too much. Even the sense of humor of the Sagittarius wouldn’t make the relationship look great. Marriage is just out of the question for this couple.

Scorpio - Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn is a likeable and warm pair. Both these zodiac signs are persistent, ambitious and compatible with each other. There are hardly any serious problems between the two of them. The Scorpio is emotional and that helps in maintaining a harmony with the reserved Capricorn. On the other hand the Capricorn appreciates the stability and warmth that the Scorpio provides. Both these zodiac signs are perfect for a love compatibility horoscope and a safe married life.

Scorpio - Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius are completely different people and hardly have any compatibility between them. The changeable mood of Aquarius irritates the Scorpio a bit too much. Also the Aquarius is a social person and loves to mingle in the society while the Scorpio is a homebody. Scorpio finds unpractical ideas of Aquarius to be senseless. Other than their physical compatibility there is hardly anything common between them and it is better that they go their separate ways.

Scorpio - Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces is a heavenly couple completely made for each other. Both these zodiac signs share a strong attraction for each other. Pisces is ready to rely on Scorpio in order to overcome its shyness and its lack for making decisions. And for the Scorpio this is always a positive thing as he always wants to rule in the relationship. The sexual life of both these zodiac signs are also marvelous. On one hand the Pisces is incentive while on the other hand the Scorpio is persistent. These two zodiac signs are completely in tune with each other and share a wonderful romantic life. And as far as the marriage is concerned, the sooner the better.

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