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His Affection Style

How many times have you heard that a man and woman loves and shows affection differently. Sometimes sexy, sometimes sensual and sometimes deeply romantic your man has just about everything wrapped under his big arms. But yet your man has passion and romantic preferences. In addition to giving you warm fuzzies, the man shows his love in different ways. So letís take a sneak preview and see whatís your man affection style.

He Strokes your Back

This guy is the touchy romantic guy. For him sex and love go hand in hand. No doubt he uses his sensual touch to get you in the mood and show that he cares for you. He is not a man to speed things up. He will take his own time in bed and show in different ways his affection for you. Always on a search for new chances, your love life with this man can never be dull and monotonous. So keep him on his toes and surprise him by planning a surprise weekend trip or preparing some exotic cuisine.

He Kisses your Forehead

This guy is completely romantic. This sentimental guy will not prepare a candle light dinner for the two of you but will also be all ears for sharing your dayís happening. He is everything you dreamed of in your boyfriend. He is cute, sensitive, loving and completely adorable.

But when it comes to action in bed, he is a bit passive. Most of the time you will be calling all the shots, and believe it or not he takes your direction well. And to top it all, he will try to please you at all times. So if you found this guy, hold on tight.

He Showers Big Hugs

This cuddler is a man who loves to take charge of each and every situation. His focus is on pampering you completely and making a protective shield around you. He will try to look after you in any way that is possible. Whether it is a stressful situation or you require a shoulder to lean on, you will always find him to be around. And between the sheets also, he is as much dominating as ever. He prefers to call the shots. But in this also the most significant priority remains to take care of you in each and every way possible.

He Loves to Hold Hands

He is a man whose definition of love is to stay focused with one person. As he takes your hand in his, he silently tries to express his deepest commitment to you. He wants to show the world that you are his, so others so definitely stay away. He carves for close partnership and believes in the relationship with you and only you. He is a man who is silently walking towards marriage and family. So donít be surprised when he simply dims the lights and holds your face and looks into your eyes and then wrap you in his embrace.

So feel the different colors of romance around you and know your man better with LoveCarnival.

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