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Bedroom to Love Nest

Do you find your bedroom boring, dull and completely un-sexy? Do you find the flickering candles and satin sheets completely out datedÖwell then you are just at the right section. Making romance and intimacy a part of your life we promise to turn your bedroom to a complete love nest. Make all your love fantasies come true as we bring together romantic bedroom tips for all couples out there.

A romantic bedroom needs just the right accessories at the right place and the rest can be handled by your imagination. Think of all the things that excite and allure you. Bedroom is not only about the bed but the entire ambience. So letís start to give your boudoir a hot and sexy look making it your romantic paradise.

To start with have some dimmers fit to your bedside lights. Change the bedroom lighting and make it dim to give a sexy feel to the bedroom. The bedroom should have some erotic element but that doesnít mean it cries out loud. Subtle hints are much more arousing compared to loud suggestions. Think back and remember the different things placed in hotels, nightclubs and beach cabins that arouse you. Try to bring different elements in your bedroom keeping in mind that both donít clash with each other but complement each other.

The next important comes the bedding. The simplest way to make your bed look inviting and comfy is by adding some extra pillows. The more the better. Try out different fabrics and enjoy their sensuality under your skin. Make your partner feel totally comfortable as you set the mood in your night chamber. Next comes the bedspread and bed sheets. As you both slip in between the covers feel sexy and enjoy the comfortable feel. Well we are not suggesting rose petals on the bed though it is a great option. What we simply want to say is to have a soft and comfortable bed sheet in attractive hues.

Now comes the time to set the mood, so how about some soft music to make the moment special and deeply romantic. It is best to have something instrumental rather than lyric music. Let there be an element of romance and sensuality playing together. Keep the music soft so that even if you turn up the music it doesnít sound harsh.

Now comes the next important thing to make your bedroom romantic and thatís the bedroom decor. Spice up the bedroom with bright curtains, bold prints and even walls painted in bold hues. Try placing mirrors in your bedroom to give a flirty mood to your boudoir. Flowers in the bedroom are always magical and romantic. Whether it is lilies or roses donít let the fragrance overpower the entire mood. Even soft tinkling wind chimes are great for bedrooms. To give your bedroom a soft fragrance other than flowers then go for potpourri. It would fill the room with a soft romantic scent making both of you drawn to each other.

And finally have some aphrodisiacs in your bedroom to handle those hunger pangs. Those mid night snacks are great to enjoy some fun filled light laughter. And then of course it goes without saying to do away with all kinds of clutter and mess. And please donít keep the pictures of my parents, pets and friends in the bedroom. They can always find a place in other rooms.

So donít wait any longer and take charge of your love life. Your bedroom is your love nest and the only thing waiting between this transformation is your imagination. Make the most out of your romantic world and turn your nights into hot and sizzling with action.

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