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Are You Breaking Up?

Relationships don’t always run on smooth waters. And sometimes when the going gets tough we look out for tell tale signs asking one question, “are we breaking up?”

Breaking up is one of the most painful phases of a relationship. At least one partner always finds no reason at all to split up. But how to know if it is going to happen to you? Here are some warning sings that you are going to get dumped. Research has shown that these are the most common signs reflecting that your relationship is on a downhill journey. So once you see these danger signs it is time to press the panic button and do something about it.

Hardly Makes Plans

One of the most clearly seen signs is that he or she never seems to plan anything. Making plans is seen as visualizing the future with the word ‘we’. Planning for the future is like a commitment that the couple makes to each other. If there are no future talks, then it is definitely a scary thought. If you notice that he or she is increasingly avoiding making plans then it could be a sign of breaking up.

Not Returning Your Calls

Have you started feeling lately that your partner is always too busy to return your calls or is always too eager to hang up? Well you could be soon heading for a break up. It is not that your partner has to call up every hour but once in a day is satisfactory.

Needs Space

Is your partner suggesting that he or she needs more time and space in this relationship? Then try to understand the unsaid words like he or she needs time to re-adjust in the relationship and take a break from you. This is definitely not a positive trait.

Always Irritated

Your partner seems to be always irritated and annoyed with you. What’s more he or she criticizes you on each and every thing you do, no matter how hard you try. The things that he used to previously find very cute now is bugging. The best way to deal this situation not to play into his irritation and not take comments too personally. If it gets too much to tolerate then make it absolutely clear.

It Is Waiting, Waiting And More Waiting

Does it seem that your partner always keeps you waiting? This can be one of the indications that he or she wants to break up with you. To keep someone waiting is a sign of disrespect and also that his interest in you is waning. If every time you try to make some plans it is kept on hold till the very last minute then you are going to split up. This behavior is indicative that he is waiting for something better to come up before he says yes!

Body Language Not All in Sync

When two people are in love their body language is completely in tune with each other like similar gestures, same way of speaking etc. But suddenly you see a whole world of difference between the two of you. You are probably heading for the signal of breaking up.

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