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Cuddly-Coo Corner

Welcome to the up, close and personal zone. This is your cuddly-coo corner. Well you guessed right. All you need to do here is cuddle up and add some spark to your relationship. In this section we bring to you HOT tips and ideas to make your love life sizzling and romantic. Look forward to each and every evening as the magic is cast around you. So fellows, enough of talking. Let’s get some action on the road and make our relationships rocking!

Make Your Love Nest

Most of us think, that our home can never have an intimate ambience. Things are just not right. But it is very much possible. Make your own love nest with these simple ideas and see your everyday home turn into a haven of passion and romance. You don’t need to memorize every romantic novel you have ever read to enjoy a special evening together.

So how about some coochie cooing with these romantic tips.

Ignite My Passion

Switch off the lights and go the romantic way. Select some scented candles and place them around. You can also add some glitter or rose petals to add some extra charm to your setting. The more the better. But keep them at a distance, you don’t want them to come in your way.

Flower Power

Who says flowers are only for gifting? Select from a range of romantic flowers like roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and lilies and adorn your home with them. Put them around the house, float them in earthen pots and of course don’t forget to scatter the rose petals on your bed and in your bathtub!!

Finally, Time To Cuddle Up

Now the mood is set, so let’s add the last missing piece as well. Throw in some trendy bright cushions and warm up together. Put in as many pillows of different sizes and shapes you like. Right from cotton, silk, satin to lace there are many options to select from.

After this it is completely up to the two of you. Who knows what can lead to what….!

Candlescape Corner

When you think of romance, candles are the first thing that comes to mind. Creating a candlescape corner is very easy. Giving the perfect effect to your ambience add that missing element of intimacy and warmth to lit up any evening.

Candlescape is a décor that looks great even when it is not lit up. Whether you put it together as a centerpiece for a formal dinner or as a welcome assemble on the console at the main entrance, it adds a beautiful charm no matter what.

Whether it is the first date, valentine evening or a special evening this candlescape corner is the best way to go. Let’s take a quick look how to make this charmer…

Select a Corner

The first most thing is to select the right corner. You don’t want the candles coming in your way. Select a place that is visible and also at a corner. After that just select as many candles as you like or to say it the other way as many candles the corner can hold.

Candle Colors

All of us like different colored candles, but while creating a candlescape stick to a single color only. One can of course go for the different shades in the same color. Like if you are going for red then select from the different shades of red. Also one has to keep in mind whether the space has any particular color scheme. Then a color combination and balance needs to be struck.

Shapes and Curves

Don’t go for the boring thin candles. Try out from the different shapes and sizes and give volume to your corner. Let the candles be of varying height and width. You can also experiment with the texture of the candles. But remember the color has to be the same.

Something Extra

Go that extra mile and add some decorative element to the candlescape corner. You can place all the candles on an attractive glass plate or add some pebbles and shells to give a exotic look to your candlescape.

One great idea is to put the candles nest to mirrors, to reflect the light. This is a fantastic way to create a feeling of warmth and the illumination gives twice the light giving volume to your décor.

So go shopping and add that extra sheen for a deeply romantic ambience.

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