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White lies or Honesty?

Do you feel lies are the short cut to fame and popularity? You wish to be the center of attraction and some harmless lies is an easy way to get what you want. But where to draw the line. Are you crossing your limit in being the fav?

At this moment you must be getting all the praises and admirations possible and definitely you are all glowing with it. But what will happen when your friends find out the truth? And worse, what will happen if your partner comes to know that you have been lying?

When we are in a relationship the most important thing is to trust one another completely. And when this mirror of trust shatters, nothing can put it back together. So here we are with a choice to be made, a decision to be taken, no matter what the result is.

Itís Your Call

Finally it all comes down to you. On one side are the ups and downs of a relationship. your partner may not like each truth you have to say. But then there are no dark shades of lies. Everything is there in the open and you are definitely not scared that he or she will find out sooner or later from someone.

If you feel that something involves too many emotions and you even risk loosing your partner, then how about writing it as a letter and leaving the final decision to them. Easier said than done, right? But then you are sure that you are with the right person. Have a bit of trust also!

Truth or Dare

It is often said that a lie said in the defence of someone or to protect someone is not a lie. Sometimes it is best to leave the things of the past in the past itself. Why to complicate things? So if you want to avoid those ugly twists and turns then let it be, but only if it is not going to cross your lives anywhere in the future.

Your Persona
Can a lie really help improve ones image? More often than not. Lying in your interview, lying about your credentials and education is a very very bad idea. Sooner or later it is going to blow up on your face. So donít try it with your friends or your partner.

Come Clean- Be Confident!

Sometimes just out of nervousness we tell a lie and then the story goes on and on. Be confident about yourself and boost up your self-esteem. Everybody around you will respect you much more if you are honest.

So whatís your call, white lies or honestyÖ!!!

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