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Turn on the Mind Game

Are you a goody good girl or love to play naughty? Who says men can only make those moves. Making those seductive moves is not just about passion but also about how much you desire him and make his world a rocking bedchamber.

So get down and get dirty as we bring together some hot ideas to make your romantic world special and dangerously sensual. Remember we are not talking about sex, but those suggestive hints that will keep your man guessing on and on. Make your Saturday evenings deeply intimate as you get ready for some sizzling action.

Play the Game of Love

Do you think scrabble is only for kids? Well then think again. This weekend play scrabble with your partner with a difference. Instead of making the cat and mouse words make romantic words like love, romance, passion and so on. Keep your partner guessing what’s really going on in your mind. Be a bit naughty and hint off your wishes and desires.

Love Food

Heard that saying…the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. It is very much true. So tie your apron and cook up something tempting and delicious. Remember don’t make something with too much gravy or heavy. You don’t want to be too full to even move around.

The Sexy Good Girl

Are you shy of acting sexy? Giving yourself a sensual look is nothing to be ashamed of. So be the good girl with some bad…bad moves. Select a nice outfit for the special evening and then add the last missing bit, your confidence. A sexy dress will not work unless you carry it appropriately. Feel sexy, think sexy and become the hottest chick in town!

Get Bad and Cruel

Does it sound ruthless? Well it wouldn’t to your man. Tie his eyes, and give him different food items to try out from chocolate, ice cream to something hot like chili. Now you have got him all worked up so grab him, hold him and make his deepest desires come to live!!!

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