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Name Scope

Whatís in a nameÖand yet everything is in the name.

Our names say a lot about our personality, nature and temperament. Must have heard many times, that each person somehow or the other is a reflection of its name. And if a name can affect our whole lives then definitely it casts its magic spell in the love lives as well.

So letís open this Pandora box and see how the first letter of our names identifies with us. Whether it is co-incidence, magic or some close relation, letís see how closely are we a mirror image of the meaning behind the first letter of our names.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O| P| Q | R| S | T | U | V | W| X | Y | Z

A: you are not really a romantic person. The main focus of your being is get things going. Each step taken by you means business. You aim at getting things in your life. Flirting, cuteness and subtle hints donít arouse your interests at all. You believe in straight forwardness and like to keep your relationships that way also. When it comes to passion and sex then action is what thatís important to you and not the so called Ďhints.í You need your partner to be physically attractive. You are a person full of energy and love adventures and exploring the unknown. As a lover also you are an extremely passionate person.

B: you are a person of style and substance. As soon as someone meets you they are drawn to your lazy sensuality. Romance, dining and wining is what is your favorite. You love to receive gifts as a token of your love and affection. No doubt you love to be pampered and equally know how to pamper your partner as well. Your words of praise and affirmation are selected very carefully, especially when it comes to lovemaking. You are in no hurry and wait patiently till everything meets your approval. The usual doesnít tempt you. New experiments and sensations is what that can keep you on your toes.

C: the people whose name starts with the alphabet C are social animals. It is very important for you people to have a relationship. Closeness and togetherness are the two essential bonds that you look for in any relationship. Even if you are making love you want to keep the channels of communication open and have a heart to heart talk. For you, your lover is your friend and soulmate. In nature you are a very sensual and sexual person and wish that your partner appreciates and loves you completely. If you fail to receive this worshipping in your relationship then you tend to withdraw yourself completely from sexual intimacy.

D: you are a go-getter. Once it gets into your system that you require something then there is nothing stopping you. You do not give up easily on matters and nurture every relationship in your life with love and care. The intensity of your involvement in any relationship is very high. This makes you sexually active, passionate and sometimes even very much possessive.

E: your top priority and requirement is to talk openly. You need your partner to be a good listener who can connect with you on an intellectual level. If this doesnít happen then sex is simply out of question. For you intimacy with your partner means to share your ideas and thoughts with your companion. Misunderstandings and disruptions is something that you hate totally. However having one or two love trifles is part of the ride. You are also a complete flirt, however once you decide to settle down your commitment is 100%.

F: you are a complete idealistic and a deeply romantic person. You are a person who can never settle for something lesser than the best. Although by nature you are a flirt, once you are committed you are absolutely loyal to your partner. Your partner finds you to be very sensuous, passionate and attractive personality. Sometimes in public you can be quite a show off. You are a born romantic and your partner can definitely look forward to some candle light dinners and private time together.

G: you are a perfectionist and want everything to be completely flawless. You are at your best with a partner who matches you intellectually and also connects with you on an emotional level. You are sensuous by nature and know how to reach to the peak of arousal and passion, driving your partner along. Though you love to be sexually active, your work and duties take the first priority at most of the times. Opening up emotionally to your partner is a bit difficult for you but when you mix the emotional equation into it then things are great.

H: you are on a lookout of a partner who can add to your reputation and enhance your earning ability. Once you are committed to your partner, you are generous indeed. Showering your lover with gifts and flowers you go all the way. You simply see these gestures as an investment in your relationship. But before you have reached that level of commitment, you tend to be quite frugal indeed. You make a very sensual and patient lover.

I: You have a great need to be loved, appreciated... even worshipped. You enjoy luxury, sensuality, and pleasures of the flesh. You look for lovers who know what they are doing. You are not interested in an amateur, unless that amateur wants a tutor. You are fussy and exacting about having your desires satisfied. You are willing to experiment and try new modes of sexual expression. You bore easily and thus require sexual adventure and change. You are more sensual than sexual, but you are sometimes downright lustful.

J: You are blessed with a great deal of physical energy. When used for love-making, there is nothing to stop you, except maybe the stamina of your partner.(you could have danced all night.) You respond to the thrill of the chase and the challenge of the mating game. You can carry on great romances in your head. At heart you are a roamer and need to set out on your own every so often. You will carry on long-distance relationships with ease. You are idealistic and need to believe in love. The sex act seems to satisfy a need to be nurtured deep within.

K: you are a secretive and shy person by nature. And surprisingly to all your partner finds you simply irresistible and very hot. But this side of your character is only reflected when you are in complete privacy with your partner. you are a complete expert in making your partner satisfied in every way possible. You are a person who take their love life very seriously and wait with complete patience for the right person to come along.

L: you are a very romantic person and have the total inclination for the glamour hidden in love. Having a partner who matches you perfectly is of high importance to you. You express yourself openly and are willing to take chances in your love life. Brains and sharpness turn you on. Your partner has to stimulate your intellectual powers otherwise this relationship canít go anywhere for long. Physical appreciation like cuddling, holding each other, romantic dinner mean a lot to you.

M: you are a very emotional and intense person by nature. When you are in a relationship you put your complete heart and soul into it. There is nothing to hold back and you simply stop at nothing. When you can love so deeply and completely then of course your partner has to be equally passionate and committed towards you. You also believe in total physical liberation and just try out anything and everything.

N: on the front you seem to be innocent, shy and a modest person. But then we all know that appearances can be deceptive. You are somewhat a perfectionist, and this sometimes can make you extremely critical about your lover. Though you face a bit of difficulty in expressing your emotions, but once you can open up to your partner physically then there is no stopping you. And of course you take on a whole new image as you spark up the boudoir.

O: you are a deep and intense lover. You make a passionate and romantic lover and look for similar qualities in your partner as well. You give quite significance to physical closeness and work towards it with complete intensity and are open to try out new things. To a certain extent you are even shy in expressing your desires. And in such circumstances you redirect your energy into work and climb the success ladder. But donít let this shyness keep you in celibacy for too long.

P: you are a complete social creature. You will never do anything to jeopardize your standing in the society. Your reputation is very important to you. And when one is required to walk in the society with head held high then you definitely need the combination of beauty and brains. Therefore your lover has to be sharp and attractive as well. But all this doesnít mean that you are a calculative freak. You are very sensual and love to try out new things to make your love life interesting and pulsating.

Q: you are a person with high energy level. You need continuous activity and motivation to keep pushing you ahead. It is really a big challenge for your partner to keep up with your energy level. You are also an enthusiastic lover and are generally attracted to people of ethnic groups. To keep the spring of love forever in your world you require romance, hearts, flowers and loads of conversation.

R: you are a person with a no nonsense attitude. You are clearly focused on your objectives and work towards it. You require someone who can match your intellectual capacity and walk along side you. Brains rather than beauty are a turn on for you. But that doesnít mean that physical attractiveness is not on your list. You have to be proud of your partner and definitely some action is awaited in the boudoir as well. You will also not mind teaching a trick or two if your partner canít handle it individually.

S: for you work is more important than pleasure. If you are worried or concerned with matters of career, business, money or other worldly matters you find it extremely difficult to lighten up. You can be a romantic idealistic, but you do require your own space. Sensuality is also a part of your characteristic but you never lose control of your emotions no matter what happens. You always wait for the right person to give your heart and body. Taking an instant leap is not your style. Commitment means everything to you, and once you have made a promise to stick to it, no matter what.

T: you are a soft person by nature. Being a sensitive, private and sexually passive personality, you wait for your partner to take the lead in things. You are a dreamer and view the world with rose-colored glasses. No doubt you fall in and out of love easily. When you are in love you are all romantic, idealistic and deeply romantic. You just love it when your senses are teased and tickled, taking you to new heights of passion. You are also a big flirt and your dreams though larger than life, always fit in with your romantic inclinations.

U: you are a traveler, roamer and an adventurer. Love forms an essential part of your life. You are completely enthusiastic about love and simply adore your partner to the very best. You see romance as something to live with and always go an extra mile to make things work. You like giving gifts to your sweetheart and enjoy seeing your mate happy with you. You are also equally active in your sexual life also put the needs and pleasure of your partner before yours.

V: you are an individualistic person and require your own freedom, space and excitement to move along with life. You believe in knowing your partner completely before getting into a relationship. Unique individuals attract you. Most of the times there is a considerable age difference between you and your mate.

W: you are a very proud and egoistic person. When in love you never take no as an answer. You are also a true romantic at heart and do everything in your power to flatter your partner. But this sometimes leads to overlooking your partner as an individual. With your 100% commitment you take a plunge in a relationship and intend to go all the way as well.

X: you always require something on your hands otherwise you get bored easily. You can also comfortably handle more than one relationship at a time. You can enjoy the best of love affairs and that also inside your head.

Y: you are a very sensual person. You like to do things your way and canít tolerate anyone coming in your way. This sometimes makes you control relationships and then things start looking ugly. Physical intimacy means a lot to you. You can spend hours touching, cuddling and feeling your partner. You put your entire being to prove what a great lover you are and you definitely need appreciation for the same. But if you turn your mind towards business, then pleasure definitely has to wait for a while.

Z: you are a deep romantic lover. Somehow you feel that love relationship means someone has to suffer, and that will be you. You tend to be attracted to people who are in some trouble or the other and you are their savior. Your dreamy approach to life sometimes makes things difficult.

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