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Proposals: Popping the Question

Is marriage on your mind? Wedding proposal is one of the most difficult things that you need to do in your entire life. You must be thinking that you can talk to the President, but canít say those simple words.

All of us want the marriage proposal to be romantic, special and unique, but are most of the times at a loss of ideas. So here we are with some fantastic, romantic and unique proposal ideas for you. Whether it is a Valentine proposal, wedding proposal or a marriage proposal, these ideas will make the moment memorable for you.

So get down on your knees and say those words that your partner has been waiting long to hear! It is finally time to say I Do!!!

  • You can have your proposal printed as an ad in a daily newspaper that you are sure she reads everyday. Try to be around when she reads it and see her reaction.

  • List 10 reasons why you want to marry your sweetheart. And send these reasons one at a time for 10 days on cards. Let the last card with the final message be delivered personally, that is you.

  • One romantic proposal idea is to take your beloved to a karaoke bar and request your favorite song. Sing the song to her and as the song ends, get down on your knees and propose.

  • This is a perfect Valentine Proposal idea. Take a clear balloon and put your engagement ring inside and blow it up. Now fill one complete room with blown up balloons to set up a magical evening. Ask your beloved to pop every one of the balloons till she finds a hidden surprise for her.

  • One easy way to say that pop up question is right here. As she goes to bed replace her everyday use ring in the jewelry box with the engagement ring. She will be totally taken aback when she gets up in the morning and opens the jewelry case.

  • Want to add some passionate moments in your wedding proposal, and then this is the right idea for you? Prepare a bath for the two of you with some floating candles and a rubber duck or any other bath toy floating. Tie the ring around its neck and see the surprise!!

  • Get that romantic glow as you prepare a trail of lighted candles leading to a circle of votives adorning the ring.

  • One of the very classic way of proposing is slipping the engagement ring in an aphrodisiac like oyster and expressing your love.

  • Let sky be the limit of your true love. Hire a skywriter and write out your marriage proposal in the blue sky.

So now get ready to finally say those magic words and walk towards the aisle. Love is a magical feeling and what can be better than commemorating it with a romantic proposal.

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