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Secret Love

Does hush love get you all excited? Having a secret love affair sounds like one of the most happening things, right? But this rush of adrenaline and beating heart may not be as rosy forever.

Secret relationships seem very special and deeply romantic in the beginning. First the newfound experience of being with someone you care about and then the thrill of keeping all under wraps, it is completely rollicking.

And then of course this secret affair surely has some reasons behind it. It can be your lover is not attractive enough, or from a different religion, or it can even be a workplace romance. But no matter what, you have selected to be with him or her and thatís what matters.

Generally these clandestine relationships start with physical attraction and then gradually mature into something much more solid. Surprisingly couples feel quite comfortable in this relationship. After all who really needs those not so welcomed opinions from friends and relatives. Then there is also no pressure to seek approval from your family. All in all quite a carefree state of affairs. However maintaining a secret love affair is quite hard work as well. Imagine getting caught by your mom or dad? So always be alert, if this is the kind of relationship you want.

More and more people now days prefer the secret relationships. There is no extra baggage in this kind of love affair, especially if you are not sure if you are heading for a long time commitment. But just like any other coin this situation has two sides to it. Letís take a closer look at the things you need to keep in mind while in a secret relationship.

Your Thoughts Are Your Own

One of the biggest restrictions in a clandestine relationship is that you canít really share your thoughts and emotions with anyone else. While your friends may be talking away about their love life, you simply have to keep numb. The wave of emotions sometimes tempts us to say things that require to be kept under wraps. So be careful to what you say and when you say it.

Barriers in Love

The hush love is full of barriers. At the beginning of the relationship everything seems picture perfect but later the secret itself starts weighing on the relationship. You canít tell anyone about that special person in your life. If you want advice then from whom? And worst of all you canít be seen with your partner in public as someone or the other is sure to notice you. This causes a strain on the relationship. Expressing your love in front of people is just not done. So where do you go from here?

Long Term Relationship

A secret canít last for a lifetime. As you get more and more involved in a relationship, things start getting complicated. How will you break the news to your family and loved ones? Try and make the decision whether he or she is the one for you or just a passing phase. It is a good idea to let some time go by and not too much. The strings of the heart get complicated quite easily.

Be Realistic

Secret love is no Romeo Juliet story. As we have seen there are some drawbacks. So be practical and handle the situation carefully. At this moment you may be escaping the society pressure but later things just may get out of hand. Always involve your partner in your thoughts and opinions. Otherwise he or she may end up feeling rejected, humiliated and hurt. Nurture your relationship with compassion and bond it with trust.

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