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Spouse Talk

How many times have you felt the silent shoulder treatment in your relationship? Well if the answer is yes, then it is once more time to talk things over. Sometimes things get rocky in a relationship and then one of you decides it is best to keep shut. But not always! So is your boyfriend or girlfriend ready to talk things over?

Many of us are not at all good in expressing ourselves. No doubt we faced such a hard time in saying our hearts expressions in the first place. This really upsets our spouse or friend leaving them clueless as what is really the issue? This is where relationships start falling apart. Misunderstandings crop up and false assumptions lead the relationships to slowly die a slow death.

But things are not as helpless as it looks. So take control of the situation and try out these simple steps to help your partner open up to you.

Talk it Out!

When was the last time you guys really talked? Lack of communication can make any relationship or marriage fall apart. Most of us blame this on our busy lives. With schedules leaving us hardly any time to meet, where is the time to talk? And with the hectic lives, the easiest way to ease the burden of our thoughts and emotions is confiding to our colleagues. This may be one of the reasons why your spouse doesnít wish to talk to you. Patience and affection are the keys to resolve this situation. Donít assume that whenever you wish to talk they will open up to you. Give it time and adopt a sympathetic approach to understand their point of view.

Write a Love Letter

If you feel you are not a great talker, then go ahead and write what you want to say to your partner. The best part of writing is you have a good amount of time to think things over and organize them in a proper manner. And if you also require answering certain things that your spouse pointed out then writing helps you to avoid hasty replies. And not to be missed out this writing letters gives you the opportunity to write the things over and over again till you have got it the way you want.

Is it a Good Time to Talk?

Timing is very important whenever you require talking things over. Your spouse may not always be in a mood to talk. The reason can be anything. A very bad day at work, or too tired or just preoccupied with some other issues. Talk to them at a time when you know he or she is attentive and relaxed. Otherwise it just might feel you are hitting your head on the wall. And remember once you get into talking donít start the blame game, starting from the day when you first met.

Be Keen

Showing that you are genuinely interested will help your spouse open up to you. Donít make the whole conversation about yourself. The conversation is about both of you. So how about asking something about your spouseís life. How is work? You seem to be very tired nowadays, anything wrong, honey? Be a part of their lives and bring both of your lives on a common platform. If you donít show interest in their lives, then the hostile atmosphere between the two of you canít end.

Say it with Love!

Say it with love, warm it with understanding. Remember love can even melt a rock. So express yourself with love and let this affectionate feeling circle around both of you. Affection and patience can make any relationship bedrock solid. Respect each other and give each other time. Donít talk just for the heck of it. Let conversations bind the two of you in one string.

So wrap that blanket of security around yourself and promise yourselves that you both will truly understand each other. Donít let your spouse feel that if they show their feelings, they are going to look silly and stupid. Open the doors of communication and let the love flow around you.

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