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What Guys Want

Men are like babies…all they need is a bit of attention and he is all yours. Get your man wired up completely as you tease his senses and ignite his imagination. After all we all know men turn their heads to even the slightest of feminine wiles. So make him ache for you as we bring together some hot tips and suggestions. Play the games of love with these sexy ideas and see your man completely flip over.

Keep Him Guessing

Are low-slung pants in or out? Well for us, it is definitely the most in thing. Grab a smart pair of these pants and swing low. How about a strategic bend, just for his eyes? The excuse can be anything…oops! You dropped your pen, or house keys. If you are thinking what will this get you then the simple way to say it, you are arousing his curiosity. What you are not revealing will keep him guessing. Men are visual people, what they see is what they want. So keep him guessing, of course one or two clues can be given. The proposal of a nearly bare area will get him completely hooked to you. See the way he’ll react, as he just wants his hands on your bod!

A Bit More than a Peck

Take a quick shot at your man this morning! As he gives the everyday ‘I am off to work’ peck, grab him by the back of his head and with both hands pull him close to you. Give me a complete tongue make out. A perfect start to a perfect day.

Men love small hints and this special invitation will definitely make him hot with desire. So leave him in this passionate fantasyland all day long and then later on you can both work in the bits and pieces together. Men love women who are confident about their sexual thoughts. But remember subtlety is the key. So get ready for a sizzling evening ahead.

Sensual Touch

Lose those forks and spoons for a change. At a casual restaurant play the love game with your fingers. Look your sweetheart in the eye and lick off the excess sauce or gravy. As you touch yourself in a sensual manner it will evoke his thoughts and he will not be able to control his urge to get his hands on you. Play the suggestive game and leave the rest for him to take care of.

A Bit of Flirting

Jealousy is the flavor of love. When was the last time you flirted with someone just to see your man red in the face? Flirt a bit with the bartender or his best friend and just watch his reaction. This action of yours is awakening his most basic instinct and that is competition. As you casually flirt away, your man will be soon by your side, doing everything he can to make it clear that you are his. And of course he will be reminded that how attractive you really are and he is lucky to have you by his side.

So girls now you know what guys really want and how to keep him craving for you…

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