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New Year 2017

New Year 2017 is coming to rock our world with new hopes, fun and complete playfulness. For some of us it is just another year that will come and go and for others there is lot over the horizon that they are eagerly anticipating. But no matter whatís our outlook, New Year 2017 is surely going to bring something new for all of us. With the ticking of the clock and the dip in temperature the festive season is soon coming close.

Whether you are in Japan, Korea, Vietnam or some other country, New Year Celebrations are sure to bring in the festive mood for all. Letís take a look at the New Year customs and celebrations around the world and welcome 2017 with a bang.

New Year Celebrations in Japan

Just like other parts of the world, Japan also celebrates New Year on the 31st December. Everyone is in full holiday mood as youngsters head for the New Year parties and others enjoy the start of the year in the traditional manner. One of the important things that hardly any Japanese family miss out is the eating of the Japanese noodle sobasoba. Along with this just as the clock strikes midnight, famous temples in Japan ring 108 sounds with a temple bell.This New Year symbol has a traditional legend behind it. It is said that there are 108 desires in each one of us. This is regarding sense; feeling and time and when these 108 sounds are rung then these desires are erased. On the New Year morning the Japanese drink spiced Japanese sake to celebrate the day. The traditional food for the day include rice cake in Japanese soup called Zouni.

New Year celebrations hold special significance for children as well. Every kid receives some money in special envelopes from their relatives in the form of New Year gifts. The significance of New Year is as important to Japan as Christmas in to US. So make this 2017 New Year special with the different customs and traditions.

New Year in Vietnam

New Year celebrations in Vietnam have a significance of its own. To start with, the New Year in Vietnam starts in February. The festival is celebrated in a traditional manner as people clean up and whitewashes their houses. They also buy flowers and a peach blossom to decorate their homes, according to the Vietnamese custom. The other New Year tradition that they follow is to buy cakes and fruits like watermelons, ginger sweetmeat, coconut sweetmeat, plus sweetmeat and lotus seeds to receive their relatives. Much before New Year, markets are crowded with shoppers selecting flowers and fruits for the holiday season. As the clock strikes midnight people go to the pagodas to pray to Lord Buddha. One can see people on the streets all night long. The celebrations include people going to the park to see Chinese dragon dances and fireworks. On the morning of the New Year children wish their parents and grandparents a Happy New Year. In return they receive a red envelope with money as the token of their love and blessings. Then the families eat cakes and watermelon together and start the New Year with a bash.

Jewish New Year

The Jewish New Year celebrations take place in the month of September and October according to the Gregorian calendar. As this New Year 2017 comes along Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah will bring new meaning for all. The celebrations begin on the nightfall the day before Jewish New Year. It starts with bathing, receiving haircuts, wearing new clothes and giving treats to children. Women of the household light candles before sunset on the first night and half-hour before sunset on the second night of Rosh Hashanah. Prayers are very important in the New Year celebrations as they start the year by looking back at their mistakes and modifying their path wherever required.

Make your New Year celebrations special and grand and welcome 2017 with full fiesta!!! Happy New Year!

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