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Flirting is one of the most natural ways to show interest and fascination in another person. Whether it is dating, or a romantic inclination, flirting is an expression to show a person you admire and like him or her. But ever wondered what makes a person attracted to the other? With good looks, friendly nature and magical chemistry being the main attributes, art of flirting is a baffling question. So letís see how to master the art of flirting and make yourself more likeable by all.

Good lookers attract people the most. After all who doesnít like to be around attractive people. Research says that women who have large eyes and small features are thought to be most attractive, and tall and strong men the most handsome. But does only the looks matter? The definition of beauty differs from person to person. Women think men love girls who are tall and thin. But men are more attracted to healthy women with well-maintained figures. Good looks definitely get you in the spotlight, but they definitely donít make you the master of flirting. The art of flirting has many things in it.

Here are some of the most important things to take care of when playing the flirting game. Whether you are in for a serious long term relationship, or some light courtship, these flirting tips will sure make you the most likeable and attractive personality of all.

Body Language And Eye Contact

Body language and eye contact are two most important aspects in the art of flirting. Without saying even a word, lot is conveyed through the body language. Good looks matter, but only to an extent. As partners start knowing each other, the initial attraction is not enough to keep them together. So even if you are not a great looker, no need to despair. You must have met so many people in your life that have dynamic personality and charisma that automatically pulls everyone towards them. They donít require good looks to attract anyone.

So as you get all ready with the perfect make up and fine dressing, give a thought to your body language also. If you want to attract someone like a magnet then this is important. The body language is the mirror to your inner thoughts. It includes your whole body right from your face, the way you speak and the way you conduct yourself. Eye contact is also an important part of the body language.

When you are introduced to someone, make eye contact. If you look away it is a hint that you are not interested or shy or aloof or worse you are trying to hide something significant. Now who will start a relationship in these shady circumstances?

But making eye contact also doesnít mean to stare at someone in a threatening or blank manner. You will surely make the person run away. Let your eyes show interest and admiration for the person. Flirting allows you to be a bit naughty also. So say all those naughty feelings with your eyes and see the person completely fall for you. One of the major hints of whether she or he likes you is the increase in the eye contact. You will notice that they will gaze at you in an admiring way for a second or two longer than the normal time. They will also keep glancing at you to see your different reactions. Now you know why we call it stealing glances.

Is He or She Interested?

One more way to know if your flirting hints are going in the right direction is by observing whether they are standing a bit closer to you than the normal distance of about 1.2m. If they are standing close to you then definitely it is a sign of interest. But if a person tries to move away from you then they are trying to avoid you and indicate disinterest.

Open body language is another positive sign of flirting. Open body language means that he or she will not have their arms folded or wouldnít absently fiddle with something as you strike a conversation. If someone has their arms folded across their body it means they are in a defensive mood. If you are sitting, they will cross their legs away from you. Also see if your partner puts a hand up to their face. This is also a sign of showing disinterest in a person. But on the other hand their eyes are wide open and eyebrows high, then it is an indication of liking and admiration.


Smile is one of the most beautiful expressions of the face. It completely changes the look of a person. When you are talking to someone who really likes you, then you will always notice a smile on his or her face. You can always make out if the smile is a genuine smile or pretence. Smiling is the most simple way to say you like and love to be around someone. So when flirting, donít feel shy and hide within yourself.

Flattery and Compliments

Flirting and flattery always go hand in hand. After all a bit of flattery doesnít harm anybody. Whether you meet through online dating, or at a bar, there is always something sweet and nice that you can say. Compliment her on the way she looks. If you wish to compliment a guy then talking about his physique is a good idea. Also make conversation, showing interest in their hobbies and things of common interest. Remember not to talk too much about yourself. You want to know the other person also. Making the full conversation concentrated on you will tag you as self-centered.

Flirting is a fantastic way to meet new people and begin new relationships. So practice these different flirting tips and ideas and become the master of art of flirting.

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