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Friendship is one of the closest bonds shared between two individuals. As rightly put forward, friendship is one soul two bodies. Friends build their relationship on trust, commitment and love. It is one of the purest relationships that can ever be. Closest to our heart, friends are our companions and partners in the ups and downs of life.

But what makes friends and friendship so special? One can say that it is one such relationship that is selected by us and not given by our parentage. No doubt thatís why friends are always a part of our extended family. Our life is never complete without a friend. A person with similar thoughts, beliefs and ideologies is one who is our best friend. We can share anything with our friends right from our happy moments to the most lonely times of our life.

Remember those days when you first went to watch a movie with your friends, or you when you bunked classes and had a long day out. From pranks to secrets, friends are a part of all. And like the many shades of emotions, there are many shades of friendship as well. There are childhood friends and there are soulmates as well. So here are some of the different hues of friendship that each one of us shares in our life in one way or the other.


Soulmates are the companions of life. A person who knows you inside out is a soulmate. This is a romantic kind of friendship. Soulmates are friends for the lifetime. Knowing what the other is thinking and feeling without saying a single word is one of finest ways of defining a soulmate. Of course there are different types of soulmates.

To know more about Soulmates click here.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

There are many interpretations of the relationship of boyfriends and girlfriends. But one of the most simplest and appropriate ways to put across this friendship relationship is by saying that they are dating partners. Two people sharing a romantic relationship during the courtship period are called boyfriends and girlfriends. Boyfriends and girlfriends share most of their time with each other and connect to each other with the expressions of love. If this friendship relationship works out then they in the future become soulmates or even life partners. It is simply a wonderful feeling to see a relationship grow from friendship to life partners.

Online Friendship and Pen pals

In the age of e-mails and internet chats, online friendship is something that has become the most common forms of friendship. Breaking the barriers of distance now people can communicate sitting from any part of the world. Previously this was known as pen pals where people used to get connected to each other through snail mail. But with e-mails and chat one can stay connected all the time. This type of friendship is long distance friendship and is generally kept on a casual note.

Best Friends

Closest of all are our dearest best friends. From fights to laughter, best pals share all. Best friends start their journey from good friends and with time become our closest companions. They are the people whom we can tell any secret and share anything. They are our confidant just like our family.

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