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Friendship Rings

Friendship rings are the symbol of love and caring that is between friends. Friendship rings are a type of promise rings signifying the commitment and love that is there between friends. These rings are also popularly known as promise rings silently saying that your friend is dear and close to your heart. And to strengthen this bond, a friendship ring is worn. There are many different types of rings available today. So it is not like you are limited to one style and look.

Tradition of Friendship Rings

Friendship rings came into being between 1500ís and 1600ís and were exchanged to show friendship and devotion for each other. The rings were generally worn by those who wanted to show their commitment for their friends. Some also say that the tradition of friendship rings came from the ancient Egyptians.

A traditional Friendship ring that is a popular choice for friendship rings today is the Irish Claddagh ring. This ring was previously associated with love and couples but today is known as a ring exchanged between best friends.

Friendship Ring Styles

Friendship rings come in different styles and looks. Generally these rings are sold in pairs and are worn by friends showing their appreciation and support for each other. As far as the style of these rings go, some of these friendship rings are simple bands and others range to quite a jazzy look. The most common style that is there in a friendship ring is, they are always embedded with stones and are a popular choice today.

Friendship rings are mostly worn on the little finger and helps in avoiding the confusion of an engagement ring or a wedding band. But there is no hard and fast rule about it. If you want to select a friendship ring go for a simple looking ring so that no matter what you wear, it suits you perfectly.

Purchase and Selection of Friendship Rings

The prices of friendship rings range to the most expensive to the most affordable. It all depends on your budget and style. If you donít plan to spend a huge amount on the ring, it is best to go for a silver ring. And if you want to be elaborate in your choice then one can even go for a diamond ring as well.

While going shopping for a particular friendship ring then there are many retailers that have a collection of rings that can easily be worn as friendship bands. Even departmental stores offer you a good selection of rings at reasonable prices. If you are going for a more elaborate variety, what better than the jewelry stores where one can get the latest designs to select from.

So as friendship day comes around the corner select a great friendship ring for your friend and strengthen your friendship.

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