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Making Friends

Friendship is a relation that is a part of each one of us. We grow up with friends and in the different walks of life share our experiences and emotions with them. But when it comes making friends we are always hesitant. How to be sure that we are selecting the right persons to trust on and can we really get along some unknown person that well? Well to answer it simply, making friends is one of the easiest relations that you will have in your lifetime. There are hardly any strings attached.

So letís take a close look to making lifelong true friends and enriching our life with new relationships.

Selecting Friends

Before you go about selecting your friends, first decide in your mind whom you want to be friends with. The most general choice is we all like to be friends with a person with similar choices and likes and dislikes as us. But that doesnít mean that you have to be exactly similar to each other. It is simply that both friends enjoy the same kind of things and hobbies. So think of your favorite thing and then look around you to find out a person who also enjoys the same kind of thing. You are sure to find at least one such good friend.

Befriending your Friend

When it comes to approaching this special person for friendship, we are always at a loss of words and simply donít know how to approach this person. One of the best ways of going about it and that also without much effort is with a warm smile. When you are smiling, then it gives a feeling of warmth and openness, making it easier for the person to approach you. If you look stern or angry then people will of course want to stay away from you.
As you open up to the other person, the next thing to do is to strike a pleasant conversation. And the easiest way to do that is by saying something nice about them. As you give a compliment to someone, it makes the other person want to talk to you more and more. Also ask your new friend to tell more about themselves. This makes them feel that you are genuinely interested in them. But remember as you go about making this conversation, you should also have something to add to it. Donít be a silent participant. If a question is asked then avoid in simple yes and no. Keep the conversation going and soon you will find it comes naturally to you.

Share Activities

After you have been successful in making friends, then it is time to show some interests in the shared activities. Plan trips and activities that both of you can enjoy together. Invite your friends over for dinner or simply to grab pizza over a latest movie. Camping and picnics are fun ways to spend time with your friends. Do things that will strengthen your friendship.

So enjoy making friends all your life and live each and every moment with joy and happiness. Happy Friendship Day!!

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