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True Friendship

True friends are the foundation pillars to growth and well being of any individual. A good friendship can improve our lives in numerous ways. After all friendship is one relation that we donít select by birth or law. We select our friends with our own choice and then make them a part of our lives. A friend is one of the closest companions of our world, and we just about share anything with a friend and this is what true friendship is all about.

But when we talk about true friendship, it means that our friend has some distinctive qualities that make him special over the rest. A real friend will increase your self-esteem, affection and make you feel more comfortable about yourself. Some of the most common attributes of true friends are honesty, faithfulness, good listening skills, and loyalty. Even if a friend doesnít have these qualities, it can be developed over time.

The Value of True Friends

Friends are very much required in our life. Many of us make our partners are our closest friends. But many a times it is not possible. We make friends from our workplace, or from our lifestyles. And this is mainly because we have something common to share with them. True friendship should not be based on convenience but the common grounds shared between two individuals. True friends donít leave your side when you are feeling low or disappointed. Rather they will pull you out of that miserable state and make you feel better about yourself.

Teenage and Friendship

Friendship is very important to all those who are in their teen years. They are going through a change and it is only their friends they can relate to. It is also very important for growing properly over the years. It builds a sense of responsibility and trust. These are the years when they learn the value of friendship and trust.

True Friendship in Singles

True friendship in singles is very important. It gives them their intimate companion. Many times these true friends in the long run become partners of life. Whether divorced, single or old people, friends are the people they open up to. After all each one of us needs someone or the other to share our feelings and thoughts.

If you want to hold on tight to your true friends then remember the simple qualities mentioned above. Open up to your friend and make a lifelong connection.

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