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Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon destinations are those special holiday spots that bring out the complete romance and joy in a honeymoon vacation. For a newly wed couple their honeymoon is going to be one of the most memorable trips of their entire lives. No doubt lot of planning, arranging and selection goes in for the right honeymoon destination. For most of the couples, honeymoon is the first real extended time away from the humdrums of everyday life. So romance, seclusion, relaxation and loads of fun are the top most priorities in any desired honeymoon destination. Today there are many options available for enjoying a happy and intimate honeymoon vacation, but where to start from?

Wedding was a magical fairytale, better than a dream come true and now the honeymoon should be just like your wedding…dreamy and cherish able. Here are certain ways to decide on honeymoon destinations that will bring out the best in both of you.

Deciding on a Honeymoon Destination

The first and the most important thing the couple needs to decide when to take their honeymoon trip. Generally the tradition is to leave for the honeymoon immediately after the wedding. But with changing lifestyles, the preferences are also changing. After the hectic pace of the wedding, couples just want to lie back for a while and then go for the honeymoon after a few months. Still the choice entirely depends on the couple.

The other important thing to decide for honeymoon destinations is how long you want your vacation to last. If you have something of a week or ten days in hand then definitely a Europe honeymoon destination is not for you. But there's no need to feel disappointed in this. For a short honeymoon vacation head for the Caribbean's, as it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. One can also try out Colorado honeymoon destination if you are in love with the mountains and the solitude it offers. However, there are other honeymoon destinations to select from. Each of the honeymoon destinations provides you with food, drinks, entertainment and lots of private time, making your honeymoon vacation simply fantastic. Islands like Caribbean are even perfect for winter honeymoons. Of course there is Alaska honeymoon destination as well. A great excuse to stay cuddled up all the time!!! And for all those honeymooners who are in search for fun and bit of excitement then there is no better place than enjoying Disney honeymoon vacations.

Best Honeymoon Destinations

The best honeymoon destinations depend on the liking and preferences of the couple. The destination should combine the interest of both. There is no point in selecting a destination that appeals to just one of the newly wed. For example you planned your honeymoon to an all-inclusive spa resort and your partner wants a bit more privacy then your honeymoon can fall apart before it even starts. Or you worked out a romantic escape to Mexico honeymoon destinations and your partner wants to a colder place. So the likes and expectations of both have to be considered before selecting any particular honeymoon destination. How about having a heart to heart talk? This way you can do away with the guessing game and participate in selecting the best honeymoon destination for both of you.

Luxury Vs Free Spirit

Most of us have fantasized about our honeymoon much before we even met our dream man or woman. So having set notions is not uncommon. For some of us honeymoon means relaxing in the lap of luxury and for others it may be all about seclusion with basic comforts. Selecting the honeymoon resort and destination says a lot about your style and choice. So discuss with your partner what kind of a honeymoon would they like and then come to a conclusion. If you are the independent type who loves to do their own thing then secluded honeymoon may be the right choice for you. On the other hand if you like to be pampered in luxury then selecting hotel or resort who pride themselves in guest services is just the answer for you. Whether it is Canada honeymoon destinations with beautiful lodges or Goa beaches in India plan out the style in which you want to enjoy your honeymoon and then work on it.

What’s the Budget?

Honeymoons are romantic but that doesn’t mean we don’t require a budget for it. The honeymoon destination, duration of the stay and the honeymoon resorts all require proper fund management. Sit with your partner and put across the budget in hand and then try to work out the best possible honeymoon for both of you. Many times the guy surprises his bride by selecting a honeymoon destination. But this should only be done when you are very sure that you are aware of her likes and dislikes. Also putting the money of both of yours together can give you the opportunity to enjoy a much better place than a single source.

There are no good or bad honeymoon destinations. It is all about what works out for you. In this section we have hand picked some of the top honeymoon destinations from around the world. So how about taking a look and finding the best honeymoon destinations for 2008 and making the vacation special for you and your spouse!!!

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