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California Honeymoon

California is one of the largest US states and also one of the most romantic places in the world. Located on the west coast and facing into the Pacific Ocean, California honeymoon ideas offer a diverse range of activities for all honeymooners. With the movie town Los Angeles, a honeymoon couple can surely enjoy the different sights like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mulholland Drive, Sunset Boulevard and Venice Beach, and enjoy the great restaurants and nightlife.

To enjoy the best of California, try out the California honeymoon packages tailor made for all types of honeymoon couples. Like in the further north in California one can find wine country Ė the valleys of Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino. Here a couple can enjoy their California honeymoon vacations with activities like hiking, biking, riding, fishing and hot air ballooning along with the enjoyment of the historic towns and the spectacular ocean views and of course lots of vineyards.

The Monterey peninsula is like a paradise with the Pacific beaches and forest parks golf courses, spas and a revitalized Cannery Row as made famous by John Stein beckís novels. There are different California honeymoon ideas that can make these holiday spots highly enjoyable for any honeymoon couple. Also enjoy the Yosemite National Park offering beautiful scenery and waterfalls for outdoor enthusiasts.

Honeymoon Locations in California

California is one of the most romantic locations to travel to in warm weather, like a beach holiday and wine tours. California is well connected and has many international airports including in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento and San Diego. Therefore going to different California honeymoon locations is not at all a problem in this destination. In fact the connectivity is so good that couples enjoy the comforts of the luxurious trip.

The California honeymoon destinations of San Diego and Santa Barbara have blue sky, sparkling surf and palm-lined beaches. If you want to enjoy the city life on your honeymoon then there is no better place than the San Francisco, a major bustling city famous for its street cars, Fishermanís Wharf and of course the Golden Gate bridge. There is of course different California honeymoon ideas that can make each location in California romantic and enjoyable for a couple.

Pebble Beach, California

Pebble beach is one of most picturesque and beautiful locations of the US. This beach claims four of the world's leading golf courses. The Lodge at Pebble Beach is perched on Carmel Bay on the Monterey Peninsula, and offers a resplendent and grand atmosphere. This lodge is accessible via the picturesque 17-Mile Drive, a privately maintained scenic route that follows the Northern California coastline and looks out upon its native wildlife: sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions. A California honeymoon vacation on this Pebble beach not only makes the couple enjoy the serene environs but also letís them select from the best California honeymoon packages that can be.

This lodge is accessible via the picturesque 17-Mile Drive, a privately maintained scenic route that follows the Northern California coastline and looks out upon its native wildlife: sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions.

California Honeymoon Resorts

One of the most significant parts of any honeymoon are the luxurious honeymoon resorts. One of these is the La Costa luxury California honeymoon resort located in the heart of Southern California. The resort offers a complete world of pampering and commitment that the honeymoon couples require. Soothing waters include whirlpools, Roman pools, heated swimming pools, and a water complex complete with a koi-filled lagoon and waterfall.

So step into this romantic and tropical world of luxury, pampering and comfort and make your honeymoon in California one of the most remarkable holiday experiences ever.

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