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Kissing Tips

Kissing tips Wow! Something to surely look forward to. Close your eyes, and let your imagination take flight. There is a soft rug with a nice warm fire along with the twinkling lights of the candlesÖ.there is nothing more perfect and more spontaneous than to cuddle up in your belovedís arms and share a warm kiss.

But have you ever stopped to wonder why we kiss each other? Whether it is a peck on the cheek, or a deep, sensational kiss that ignites to something hot, we all kiss. Well, one reason is, it is the most warm and nice gesture that can be shown to show your love and affection for someone. Without saying anything, you say it all.

There are many kisses, well at least one for each occasion. There is the peck on the cheek kiss, the girly kiss, flying kiss, and the madly passionate kiss. Also there is the kiss on the hand and cheek-pulling kiss. Whether it is your first kiss or the lip lock with your sweetheart, it completely captures the moment.

But there is a small catch as well. Kissing is an art and you need to master it. After all we all want to be a great kisser. So here are some kissing techniques along with the different types of kisses to help you out.

There are lots of plus points of kissing. It is the easiest emotion to transport. It just doesnít matter where you are. You can steal a kiss at the gym, in a boardroom, and even in bathroom. Also you donít need any equipment, except your lips of course. So even if you are in a rush, or planning to travel light you can still afford the luxury of a kiss.

Kissing also livens up things. So the next time you are stuck in the elevator, a never ending traffic jam or even a completely boooooring meeting, kiss someone you love and change the color of the day completely. And there is good news for all those dieters. Kissing is totally non-fattening. So there is something to keep your mouths busy while avoiding to eat, smoke or drink. And in case you didnít know, kissing is completely biodegradable, so you are helping the environment also.

You can kiss just about anyone and everyone. Whether your aunt, mom, dad, son or daughter, your wife or hubby, boyfriend or girlfriend and not to mention the President himself. So get ready with a fresh breath and kiss away.

Make love a habit and the expression of it a ritual. Seal your love with a kiss and show your warmth and adoration for the one you care for.

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