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Are You A Good Kisser?

Ever wondered what makes kissing such a remarkable experience, or are you really a good kisser? Believe it or not your kissing techniques are greatly influenced by your zodiac sign. Right from the romantic times shared between the two of you to the most intimate and sensual moments that you spent with your partner in a lip lock is all written in your charts.

Are you a good kisser, is easily answered as we read along and understand the hidden secrets of our horoscopes and stars. Whether you are a romantic kisser or seal each moment with a passionate kiss is all here. Understand yourself and your partner better as we unfold the different kissing styles that each one of us adopts one way or the other.

Aries Kisser

Aries people make one of the most sensual and passionate kissers of all. Whether it is a French kiss or a lip lock you are always in the moment capturing your partner in the erotica of desire. You are passionate, delicious and raw. It is like filling up the senses with nothing but deep romance, love and total passion. You can make any woman feel dizzy with desire as your kisses seduce her to the edge of loosing all control.

Taurus Kisser

You are a slow and romantic kisser. Taurus people make very good kissers. You believe that kissing is an experience to be savored to the very last. Therefore you take things slow and give it your very best. You relish each and every moment of the kiss and can make any heart melt. You are a true lover to the very core. For you, kissing is a significant step in romance. So fill your world with this love potion of hugs and kisses and get close and intimate.

Gemini Kisser

You are one of the most romantic kissers of all. Your kissing technique is both refined as well as detailed to the very core. By nature the Gemini people are completely carefree and go with the flow of things. So your kisses are special, different and warm. As you kiss your partner she will warm up to you and feel at ease at once. Your friendly disposition and cute smile will melt her all the way. You make the kissing feel go slow and as you two cuddle up move it to sensual intimacy.

Cancer Kisser

The Cancer is a warm and caring kisser. To put it simply Cancer kisses is an expression of deep and true love. For you, love is something to be cherished and nurtured through care and intimacy and this is perfectly reflected in your kisses. For all people in love with a Cancer, be prepared to be swayed off your feet, as each time your lips meet you feel the warmth and closeness of love surround you. This kissing style will always leave your partner asking for more.

Leo Kisser

The sensual and aggressive Leo make very passionate kissers. You have a carefree and bold attitude and this is clearly reflected in your kissing technique as well. Your easy going attitude doesnít let you hold on to one partner for long. But for the time you two are together, you make it simply amazing. You are a man who flaunts his sexuality to the very most. Your kissing style has wild passion and it feels more like a love bite filled with lust. Tread on this deeply passionate kissing journey but try not to crush any flower on the way.

Virgo Kisser

Virgo kissers are fully in control of themselves even in the times of wildest passion. Your kisses are both controlled and tidy. You hate messy affairs and this goes for your kissing as well. You are perfect with a partner who likes things to go in a certain way. So go on kiss all you want in the clean and balanced manner.

Libra Kisser

Well Libra you are cautious and calculative on everything, but when it comes to kissing you can give yourself a break. If you ask yourself are you a good kisser, then the answer is you are a fantastic kisser. Just donít let your consciousness come in your way. It is wonderful that you want you give your partner the very best of experience, but donít let it distract you from the kissing moment. Make yourself at ease and savor the moment of romance completely.

Scorpio Kisser

Well in the Scorpio world kisses are nothing more than polite and humble expression of love. What the kiss leads to is much more interestingÖ! Right? The womanís lips donít appeal to you as much as the other parts, so why talk only about the lips? Romance and passion is all about chemistry and that is not limited to kisses. So if you are in love with a Scorpio man then get ready for some wild and passionate nights and search beyond the lips.

Sagittarius Kisser

The perfect way to describe a Sagittarius kisser is a bag full of surprises. You never miss an opportunity to steal a kiss or surprise your partner with your kissing playful nature. You will kiss your partner when she least expects it. You are always fun to be around. So keep your partner guessing for your next passionate kiss and enjoy each moment.

Capricorn Kisser

The Capricorn kisser says it all without saying a word. Whether your partner is feeling low, sad and stressed out, your sensual kiss can uplift her spirits instantly. You break each and every kind of tension just like that. The depth and intensity of your kiss will drive your partner completely mad and will long for more and more. You are one lover who never finds it difficult to express your emotions as everything is said through your kissing style anyways!

Aquarius Kisser

Kissing is an art that you want to master to the very best. Your kisses are always sensual and filled with intimacy. You donít mind if you get a little messy also. It is a small price to pay for enjoying getting naughty completely. Also the Aquarius kisser doesnít like to close his eyes when kissing. You are a total flirt and enjoy the romantic lip lock to the fullest.

Pisces Kisser

You are a romantic to the very core. For the Pisces a kiss encompasses a world of its own. Your kiss has to be perfect, romantic, intimate and soft. You will pamper your partner with gifts and build up a whole ambience to kiss perfectly. A Pisces will make sure that the kiss lives in the memory forever and go all the way to make it memorable.

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