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First Kiss

First kiss is one of the most romantic experiences shared between two lovers. Nobody forgets his or her first kiss. With lots of anticipation, nervousness and love two lovers seal their emotions with a kiss.

There are different ways to make your first kiss romantic, special and perfect. Here are some tips and advice to help you make your first kiss deeply passionate and romantic as well.

Feel Relaxed

One of the easiest ways to make yourself comfortable is to relax. Be calm and look into her eyes. Slowly stroke her hair and lean towards her. Let her feel the warmth of your breath along her neck. Now once more lean back, talk something nice or just simply look at her in a romantic way and then close in for your first kiss. She will just love this soft touch of yours.

Close your Eyes

It is said if you are deeply in a moment, then you close your eyes and then kiss. And this is especially true for the first kiss. Other than being completely lost in each other, you also donít feel nervous about seeing whatís going on around you and you can focus completely on your first romantic kiss.

Hold on Tight

One important thing to keep in mind while you are kissing is to maintain body contact. Donít let go of your sweetheart. Hold him or her firmly and focus your complete being into the moment.

Avoid Rushing In

One of the most common mistakes we make while on the first kiss, that we unnecessarily rush things. So why not start with a hug and then slowly take things to the next level. Slow kisses are much more sensual as compared to the hurried kiss. Enjoy it and savor every second of it. One can try giving a little kiss on the lips and then pull back and slowly repeat but this time kiss longer.

Kiss in Public

One can always steal a kiss in a public area and doesnít need to be embarrassing at all. Like you may be in a disc or pub and with some intimate dancing seal the kiss of love to your sweetheart. People in such places are completely in themselves and donít mind light kissing at all.

Moist Lips

Heard the song lucky lips? Well it holds true for all of us. Having a nice breath and moist lips is the key ingredients to a perfect first kiss. After all, no one likes to be greeted to chapped and dried lips.

Learn as you Go

Never worry of being a bad kisser. There are no rules in kissing. Just be yourself and feel the moment. Kissing is about expressing your love. So love and kiss openly.

Use Your Tongue

When you are kissing, suck the top lip and then pull back and open his or her mouth with your tongue and roll it across the top once at a time. Message his or her tongue with yours and to complete, pull back and then lick your lips slowly.

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