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French Kiss

When hearts connect, lovers feel the soul of each other. With valentine flowers, rose and a bonding french kiss partners pledge their love and say "I love you."

A touch of intimacy, French kissing is one of the most sensual experiences shared between lovers. So highly talked about and equally anticipated what’s so uniquely special about this lip lock? After all it is just a kiss without an open mouth and the tongues tease each other.

But like flirting, dancing and other arts, French kissing also needs to be practiced and mastered. It is one of the most romantic kisses that are shared between lovers and couples. So open your mouths and kiss the affection of love.

Kissing is one of the most intimate actions shared between lovers. For women, the lips are the top most erogenous zone and it is important to get that sultry kiss right. Remember, if you can French kiss you are in a way bonded forever. So guys and gals, through away your shyness and lock your lips together for a tantalizing experience.

As mentioned French kissing is an art, so it needs to be done right. It involves your whole being with the lips, tongue and the rest of the body. Here are some tips to make that love French kiss absolutely perfect and deeply romantic. Yes a kiss can be romantic as well as passionate, so read on…

Romance of the Hands

Hands play a very important role to show your care and intimacy with your loved one. So while on that French kiss, position your hand on each other’s bodies. If you are a guy you can hold her face firmly but gently as you slip your tongue in her mouth and suck on her lips. It will definitely make her wriggle in pleasure. Remember emotions play a very important role in your body language and this shows in your kissing techniques also. You could also try to pull her hair back and pull her close to you.

French Kissing Tips

Well there are no hard and fast rules for a French kiss. So whether your sweetheart kisses you like he or she wants to suck the life out of you or or she takes things real slow, savoring each and every point of your tongue, it just needs to be balanced well.

Well, the most important point is not to tell what you don’t like in the kiss, but rather what you would like better. This way there would be no hurt feelings. Also there are different ways to kiss him or her . You can read more on the Valentine section.

Also take control of the situation. So the next time you is French kissing become actively involved. Hold your sweetheart’s face with your hands and kiss her the way you would like. This will surely turn her on.

Switch Roles

One of the great ways to build on a relationship is to reverse roles for a change. Ask your girlfriend or wife to kiss you the way she likes. This will boost her confidence and help her open up to you.

Make the Kiss Last Forever…

There is nothing better than a juicy and slow kiss. So take all the time you need and enjoy every moment to its ultimate. Feel the passion run through your veins as you enjoy your succulent kissing moments.

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