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Goodnight Kiss

This is your first date and you are nervous to the bone. Everything is wrapped around in anticipation and nothing should go wrong, especially the first goodnight kiss. Well this is one thing that each one of us wants. But like each part of the relationship, the first goodnight kiss also needs to be handled well.

So how do you know when is the right time to initiate the first romantic goodnight kiss? In a way it is a bit difficult to decide, as each woman/man is different. So one needs to understand the different body signs to see the light to the subtle hints that are given by the partner.

Right Body Language

Body language is something that says a lot about us in one or the other. Without us even knowing, our body movements change according to our mood. So here are some hints that you can have by observing the body language of your beloved.
  • Playing with oneís hair, especially for woman is a clear hint of being sweetly interested in you. And if guys just make sure he doesnít have dandruff! Otherwise go ahead and enjoy your romantic goodnight kiss.

  • Raising their shoulders straight up and leaning towards you.

  • Hands open with the palms facing up and outwards.

  • Laughter in the air. Giggling is one of the sure signs that your partner is having a good time with you.

Ok, so now you know he or she is interestedÖ now what? Now comes the final moment. Itís time to go for the kiss. Since you both are on a date, there is plenty of time to make that move. So donít wait for the last moment as she is ready to press the doorbell. You may just miss out on your golden moment. So to be on the safe side, try to kiss somewhere midway through the date. Savor the moment, and donít get caught in the rush.

This first goodnight kiss will live with you forever. So try to do it right. There are different ways to make your kiss special.

Here are some tips to make your long goodnight kiss special, tantalizing and deeply romantic.

  • Silent: while kissing, make eye contact and then lean forward towards your partner and feel the warmth breath.

  • Polite: if you are a guy go for the polite way and ask your lady if it is ok give her a kiss.

  • Brave: get bold and brave. Tell her she has nice lips and ask if you could kiss her.

So friends, stop feeling nervous and jittery for no reason at all. And for Godís sake donít chicken out. And even if you doÖ so what? Thereís always a second time. The most important thing is to enjoy these moments capturing its memory in your heart forever. So go on make your date special and seal your night with the perfect and soft goodnight kiss.

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