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Sensual Kissing

Sensual kissing, well the name is enough to give a tickle all over the body. Kissing is the most common ways of expressing your love for your partner. Whether too tired or too busy, a kiss is always a sexy way to spice things up. A kiss doesnít always have to lead to something, but if it does who is complaining?

Here are some sensual kissing tips to ignite the flames of love and get hot for each other. Sensuality is another name of affection, just in a passionate way. So stop feeling shy and wondering why movies are always showing that kissing can drive someone mad. Get into the act and go mad with love, passion and sex all combined into one.

The Tongue Play

In the art of kissing, tongue plays an important role. As you come close to her, trace the outline of her lips with your tongue. And in return you can run your tongue along his lower lip. Let her feel the excitement as you suck out her lower lip a little and then release it finally. As your man gets you all worked up, you go and nibble his lower lip and see how aroused he gets.

The Touch of Hands

Sensual kissing is not just lips and tongue but involves the entire body and this has the hands included as well. Hands are rich in the touch senses and can make your partner feel anyway you desire. Simple touching and caressing can make any moment special and intimate. Use your hands to stimulate the non-erogenous zones and see her smile and come closer to you. For an intimate evening, start with running your fingers through each otherís hair and cup his or her face in your hands. You can even try rubbing their shoulders or back, especially after a tiring day at work. Use soft feathery touches on her neck and cheeks with the back of your palm and fingers. You will find her getting relaxed and comfortable with the mood. Now put your hands around her waist and pull her towards you. Play a bit with her hair and then go for the lip lock. French kissing is wonderful in this position.

Kiss and Make Out

Kissing is not just about lips or just for the lips. If we are talking about sensuality then letís explore the other body parts as well. Finger sucking is one of the highly sensual acts that couples tend to enjoy completely. So as you sit down for your dinner the next time, taste the food off each otherís fingers rather than from plates. Kissing also involves a bit of experimentation. So try kissing your partner in different places like the eyelids, wrists, forehead, neck, ears, back of the neck, shoulders, the tip of the nose etc. Making out is not always about sex, it is also about teasing each other and finding pleasure in the intimate moments shared between partners.

Pucker Up

Sucking on the tongue and lips is one of the most arousing effects you can have on your partner. As you come close to your partner, suck on his tongue as it goes inside your mouth. Gently suck the lips as well as you continue kissing him passionately. To get a completely sensual experience try putting different types of liquids in the mouth while kissing. If it is a hot day then go for cold water and if it is a cold day then hot chocolate is sensational. Stroke the underside of your partnerís tongue as you tease him to craziness.

Quick Kissing Tips

Kissing is a wonderful experience and we never seem to get bored of it either. So here are some quick kissing tips to make your romantic lives interesting and exciting. Surprise your lover as you sprinkle some sugar on your lips and kiss. As you get close to kissing, moisten your tongue and then drag it up their jawbone rather than putting a break on the lips itself. Be passionate and experiment. Each one likes to kiss in different ways. So test again and again, after all it is the best way to keep your mouth busyÖ

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