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Sexy Kissing Tips

Sexy kissing is one of the most sensual ways to express your passion for the one you love. Closing up and getting intimate with each other is a feeling that can be only experienced with the one you love. Remember that scene ‘pretty woman’, where Julia Roberts says that she can do everything but kiss. After all it is not a mouth-to-mouth connection but a lip-to-lip connection as well. There are many different ways to get erotic with your partner and the starting point is always kissing. So here are different tips and ideas to make the kissing experience something to remember and savor even after the moment is gone.

So friends, are we all set to pucker up!

Lay Down and..

If you are in a laying down position then draw one of her hands above her head and lightly hold it in place. Now start kissing the soft area on the inside of her upper arm and then go down starting from her elbow to her breasts. To see her tingle with joy all over move your tongue in a zig zag way as you work your way down. To give a more exciting feeling kiss her gently near the colar bone and then slowly work your way up to her ear in a very sow manner. Give her earlobe a little nibble. Our guess is you are already aware that neck is one of the most sensual points to explore.

Up Close And Personal

In an intimate moment when you are sitting face to face with each other one of the best sexy kissing idea is to concentrate on the face. Start by softly stroking his or her face as you look deep in her eyes. Now slowly move your hand on their lip and stroke the lower lip with the tip of your finger. If you see your partner enjoying this then place the tip of your finger in his or her mouth. You are going to sucking experience like never before.

Ask for More

Do you want to leave your partner asking for more? Well then this sexy kissing tip is just for you. Start by gently kissing your partner on the neck and then work your way to her cheek, jaw and finally to the lips. By the time you have reached the lips you will find your partner asking for more. Sexy kissing is all about driving your man or woman totally crazy.

Kiss with Wine

Wine is always known to celebrate romance and passion. We have all heard about wine and dine, but now let’s look at the hot tip of wine and kissing. Well of course we start a glass of wine. Take a few sips as you feel the sensation filling you up. As you go towards the bed, carry the wine bottle along with you. Once more kiss him as you dip your finger in the wine. Now slowly trace his lips and mouth with your wine soaked fingers and then slowly let him lick off the wine. Take your time and don’t hurry things up. The next stage can wait for now. Romance and erotic passion is the right shake for a sexy evening together.

Let’s Get Naughty

Get naughty…really naughty. If you are running short of ideas, here is one for you. First think of the different body parts of your partner that completely drives you wild. Now start kissing each part slowly, and as you do so say why you are absolutely crazy about that part. Say it in a naughty and erotic manner.
Words and kisses is like a magic potion for hot sex later on. Enjoy!

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