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Types of Kisses

A kiss, smooch, hug or lip sucking… all bring a tide of emotions in the heart and give butterflies in the stomach. But what makes this kissing such a nervous concern? Well it can be because it is your first kiss, or because you are highly concerned to do it right. No matter what’s the reason, there are different types of kisses each with its softness and firmness as needed.

So here are the different kinds of kisses for you to expertise on. So work on those lips and seal your love with a kiss…

French Kiss

French kiss is one of the most passionate forms of kissing and seems to last forever. It involves the active participation of the mouth and excites the body with a tantalizing feeling. In a French kiss there is the meeting between two tongues. Try this kiss only when you are close and intimate with your partner. Otherwise you may face rejection.

Butterfly Kiss

The butterfly kiss is a unique kind of kiss, as it doesn’t involve the lips. It is when two people put their eyes close to each other and flutter their eyelashes. In this type of a kissing, they blink their eyelashes fast and keep their faces pressed close to each other.

Woodpecker Kiss

Caught in a rush? Well then more often than not you are going for a woodpecker kiss. It is more like hi and bye kiss. It’s quick, short and simple. So every time you kiss your partner to work you are into a woodpecker kiss.

Closed Eyes Kiss

This type of kiss is generally shared between couples who are deeply in love with each other. These romantic lovebirds love to fantasize and they close their eyes while kissing their partner, getting completely lost in the moment.

Overall Kiss

The overall kiss involves your entire face. It starts with the mouth, goes to the cheeks, the nose, the forehead and sometimes even further. One of the most romantic body kisses.

Opened Eyes Kiss

This type of kiss indicates that the person always wants to be in control. They just have to watch out all the time. They tend to stay connected with reality and don’t want romance and love to sweep them away. These types of people are suspicious, careful and controlled type.

Polite Kiss

At just the start of the relationship a polite kiss is all that you can dare. It is somewhat like the woodpecker kiss but with a little more hesitation. This type of kiss is often exchanged between formal friends or two girl friends also.

Aunty Kiss

This kiss is not everyone’s favorite but you can try it anyhow. Suction a part of someone’s cheek while leaving some lipstick on it. You must be remembering your dreaded aunt from childhood days. That’s why it is called aunty kiss.

Total Kiss

This type of kisser is completely into the moment and give it their all. They are completely and hopelessly in love. They never limit their kiss to one part of the body.

Locked Lips Kiss

This type of kissing is an indication of some kind of fear, hesitation or nervousness. Try to bring this person out of his shell and see the true colors.

So…What type of kisser are you? Try one of these kisses and make a remarkable impression on your girlfriend.

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