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Love and Romance

Love and Romance….this simple phrase brings a myriad of emotions to the surface. Fragrant flowers, romantic dinners, moonlight dancing and exotic destinations everything teams up to make the perfect ambience of romance. Isn’t this the reason why each one of us asks for some type of romantic element in our relationship? But as time goes by, most of us starts to complain that life has fallen into a routine and there is hardly or no love and romance in it.

So does it really take too much of an effort to keep romance and intimacy alive in a romantic relationship or we simply run out of ideas? Research shows that the actual reason lies in the weeds of misunderstandings. The loss of romance most of the time has to do with the small differences that slowly eats away a couple relationship.

Let’s take a closer look at the differing views of men and women for love and romance. With these simple guidelines you can keep romance alive in your world forever. As you read on you will be surprised that it is the small things that really matter and not the big things.

Men See Women Feel

Let’s face it! Men are more physical as compared to women. For a man looks, appearance keeps them captivated in a romantic spell. Dress up for your man and see how their attention completely draws to you. But for women words of affirmation mean much more than physical appearance. To please your woman you have to make her feel loved and cherished. Romance is all about creating an ambience where she can be totally comfortable and relaxed. Turn down the lights, play soft music, hold her hand and express your true love for her. You will be amazed to once more find the beautiful girl you feel in love at first sight.

Respect Each Other

One of the most common complaints of every couple is that after a while they are taken for granted. A man feels that the household work that the women manage so naturally is a very easy task. Whereas a woman feels that toiling hard at work is what men are made for. With the roles melting into each other nowadays to a certain extent the problem has been resolved. However the words of appreciation never comes from any of them. So start acknowledging the works of your partner and let them know they are appreciated for every bit of effort they are putting in.

Understand Each Other’s Needs

Love and romance to a large extent depends on understanding the needs of each other. You must have heard this statement, “men only want physical intimacy and sex” and “women only want to talk and talk.” Well the love language of men and women are different. For a man sexuality is equally proportionate to his self-image and if his partner rejects him saying he is too physical then it can wound him deeply. A woman needs to understand the needs of the man and try to strike a balance. In the same way, a man needs to understand that love making is more important than they give credit for. Set a mood with champagne, aphrodisiac and fulfill the needs of each other.

Set the Romantic Mood

You may have known each other for ages but there is always scope for an extra bit of romance in the relationship. So leave love coupons around the house, dress up for the occasion and be in a relaxed mood. Make the effort to make every weekend special and romantic. It is all about spending some quality time with each other. It is not too much to ask for to keep a relationship sizzling. Clean up your boudoir, take a bath, finish the household work and then finally shut the world out. No matter what happens be with each other.

Differences Men and Women Emotions





Physical oneness
Sex is important

Emotional closeness


Body centered



Physically needed
Not to be put down

Emotionally needed

Love and romance is not for young lovebirds or new couples. It is a tonic for each one of us. Somewhere deep inside we all long for a bit of admiration, passion and naughty love in our lives. But the ready excuse is ‘where is the time.’ And yet we know time has to be made. Take a break from your career, from grocery and parents and cherish the strongest man-made bond called marriage and relationship. Make love and romance a part of your lives.

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