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Love Symbols

Love does not need a strong rope to keep two hearts together. A slender thread is enough.

Love is a feeling, an expression, an emotion. It is a belief of the heart that speaks a language of its own. Words are not required to say “I love you”. Every touch, every smile and every gesture say it openly.

Yet there are symbols of love that helps us express our emotions. Whether it is Valentine’s Day or your anniversary or your special date these symbols of love say what a thousands words can’t reflect.

Each symbol of love has a meaning behind it. What you gift should be a window to your heart. So let’s take a closer look at all the love symbols and know what each of them means.


The center to all your romantic feelings is the heart. In olden times it was believed that heart was were all the emotions came from. So gifting someone your heart meant that you are giving that person your everything. This association of emotions with heart still holds good and lovers all around the world pledge their undying love for each other by presenting hearts.

Ribbons, Laces and Frills

A thought of mystery and the magic of love have made ribbons and laces a symbol of love from a very long time. From olden times, ribbons have been associated with love and romance.

When a solider used to go for war, a handkerchief was given by their sweetheart as a symbol of their love. These laced handkerchiefs was also used to draw attention of a lover. If a lady dropped her handkerchief in the path of the man then it meant that she was interested in that person.


Cupid is the ageless and the eternal symbol of love. It is said that the love and attraction that a man and woman feel towards each other is the magic of Cupid. The word cupid in Latin means ‘desire’. Once cupid strikes his bow on a couple then they will definitely fall heads over hell in love. That’s why it is said that when a couple is deeply in love they are struck by cupid.

The Rose

From the beginning of time roses have been a symbol of love. The different color of roses means different things. Each colored rose holds a separate significance for itself. Have you ever noticed that if we reverse the word ROSE we get EROS, who is the god of love. Roses are the symbol of love and passion and have been the traditional choice of lovers around.

Doves and Love Birds

Doves and love birds are the symbols of love from many ages. It was a belief that birds selected their mates for the whole year on February 14. Since doves and pigeons mate for life, they are taken as the symbols of loyalty, faithfulness and eternal love. The lovebirds that are generally found in Africa are very close to each other and can’t live without each other. Doves are the common urban birds that are shy and gentle by nature and are also symbols of loyalty and undying love.

Love knots

Love knots are made of ribbons and are traditional symbols of endless and everlasting love.

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