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Love Gifts

Love gifts need no occasion…love gifts need no reason…all that is needed is a heart to heart connection and an expression saying ‘I care.’

Gifts are always welcome bringing a warm smile on faces. It is the simplest way to show that you have someone on your mind and want that person to know about it. Most of us keep the giving and receiving of gifts for special occasions like birthday, valentine, Christmas etc. But gifts can be given any day and every day. After all who needs a reason to feel nice.

In this section of love gift ideas we break away from the norm of special occasions and find innovative and unique gift ideas for him and her. Present for the joy of gifting. It is the gesture that matters. So from tiny souvenirs to grand gift items you will find ideas for all. Don’t worry about the budget; there is something to suit everyone’s pocket. If you are thinking why we have termed this section as love gifts; it’s simply because every gift has a loving gesture behind it. Whether you are searching up and down for that perfect jewelry piece for your wife or trying to come up with something elegant for your boss, there is some thought that goes into it. As you enter this zone of love gifts you will find different gift ideas in every section. Every idea given here is selected after lot of research ensuring that it is bound to click.

Make a list of things that can be given to make any day special and then shop your heart out. Some of the gift items mentioned here can even be personalized, giving your unique touch to it. With a bit of planning and searching you can order the right present for every person that matters. So let’s get started. But hey wait; let’s take a minute to see some of the most romantic gifts that have ever be given over the history.

Most Romantic Gifts Ever

Taj Mahal one of the Seven Wonders of the World is an ageless and timeless example of love. Created by Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal in Agra, India is one of the finest examples of true love. After the death of his wife, the Emperor promised to build a tomb like none other in the world. It took 22 years with around 20,000 skilled workmen to complete Taj Mahal. Built in white marble, Taj Mahal today also stands as one of the biggest example of love. A gift like none other, where the soul of both Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal rest in peace.

Richard Burdon’s love gift for Elizabeth Taylor. In 1969 Burton bid on 69.42-carat diamond jewelry at an auction but lost it to the Robert Kenmore a business tycoon. But even after that Richard didn’t give up and again tried to strike a deal with Kenmore. After a much-heated bargain, Richard got the diamond and even today it is known by the name of Taylor Burdon. This piece of diamond was a precious gift for his wife. However when the couple parted, Elizabeth sold it for $5 million in 1979.

Flowers for Marilyn Monroe. This lady could make any head turn in her time. But the display of true love was seen in her husband Joe DiMaggio who continued to love her even after her death. In 1962 when Marilyn Monroe died, Joe signed a 20-year standing instruction with a local flower shop to have long stemmed roses placed on her grave three times a week. Now that’s what we call as love lives on.

Posh Spice’s Cologne for Beckham. This is what was given to David Beckham by his wife. If you are thinking what’s the specialty of the cologne then to start with, this single bottle cost $50,000. it took six months to produce this cologne and it is put in a crystal bottle in the shape of a soccer shoe.

Select from the different categories of love gifts and bring a smile on those lovely lips.

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