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Anniversary Gift Ideas

When the heart whispers one’s name,
Smiles in silence,
Promises to walk together forever,
We say Happy Anniversary…dear couple.

Anniversary gift ideas are one of the most special occasions in any couple’s life. Whether it is your marriage anniversary, engagement anniversary or the first anniversary of love, it is always a reason to smile and nurture the happy times spent together.

There are different types of anniversary gift ideas that are unique, different and special in every way possible. Right from the first wedding anniversary, to the 50th anniversary gift, you will find some or the other gift idea that is just right for you.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

When we talk about anniversary gift ideas, traditional anniversary gifts are something that definitely strikes a thought. Known for its uniqueness, these traditional anniversary gift ideas bring out the essence of the relationship. So let’s take a closer look at the different anniversary gifts and make the day special and grand all the way.

1st Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for the first anniversary is Paper. Well you must be thinking, what to give in paper and that too on such a special occasion? Well there are plenty of options. If your spouse is a book lover then go for book presents. For the creative and artistic couples paintings are also a great gift item. If you want to gift some everyday items then stationary and love coupons are simply brilliant gift ideas.

2nd Anniversary Gifts

The second anniversary gift idea is Cotton. Adding warmth to your relationship, you can get as personal and as formal as you want. So right from clothing, tablemats, linens to towels there is endless options to select from.

3rd Anniversary Gifts

The third anniversary is for gifting leather. The stylish and sexy leather, offers you plenty of choices to pick from. Right from a classy leather jacket to the different leather accessories, one has many options. Go for a cozy leather beanbag and or a smart briefcase for your man on this anniversary and show off your class and style.

4th Anniversary Gifts

The fourth marriage anniversary is all about fruits and flowers. So fill your world with the fragrance of flowers and treat yourselves to some delicious fruits like strawberry and mango and tease your senses.

5th Anniversary Gifts

The fifth wedding anniversary traditional gift idea is wood. One can find different romantic wood pieces to present to each other or to the anniversary couple. Whether you go for a Feng Shui wooden box or an intricately carved showpiece, there is always something that will catch your fancy in wood.

6th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional anniversary gift for the sixth year is iron. Right from iron furniture to different accessories the list is endless. Go for the unique center tables in iron or cast iron doormat to make your anniversary truly unique.

7th Anniversary Gifts

The seventh anniversary traditional gift is wool. Right from warm woolen clothes to mufflers and gloves there are so many excuses to keep you warm and cozy. To add a personal touch to the things, you can even knit something sweet for your spouse.

8th Anniversary Gifts

Marking the special eight wedding anniversary is the traditional gift idea bronze. With bronze vases to small decoration pieces one can present the couple just about anything and wish them a Happy Anniversary.

9th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift item for the ninth anniversary is pottery. The name itself opens the door to ample number of opportunities. Whether you want to give a try in the art of pottery or select something unique and ethnic for this anniversary, there are lots of gift ideas to select from. Vases and baskets are the most popular choices for pottery gifts.

10th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for the tenth wedding anniversary is tin. With bottle openers, photo frames to scented candles in a tin there are different romantic gifts available to make the anniversary memorable and special.

25th Anniversary Gifts

Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is a special year. Filled with love, commitment and trust the couple crosses the major threshold of life. The traditional gift for the twenty-fifth anniversary is silver. Right from silver jewelry to silver cutlery and artifacts a couple has many choices to select from.

30th Anniversary Gifts

The beauty of the thirtieth anniversary is enhanced by pearl traditional gifts. Pearls are the symbol of purity, adding to the essence of this wedding anniversary. The couple can select from a range of colored and white pearls for jewelry or even as souvenirs.

40th Anniversary Gifts

To enhance the charm of the fortieth anniversary is the traditional gift idea of ruby. This gem speaks for itself. Sparkle your wedding anniversary with a range of exquisite ruby studded jewelry for your sweetheart.

50th Anniversary Gifts

The glow of the fiftieth wedding anniversary can be only complemented by gold traditional gifts. Everyone knows the range of gifts available in gold that adds magic and love to any relationship. So select from chains, rings and pendants and express your love.

60th Anniversary Gifts

A lifetime of togetherness can only be expressed through diamonds. This traditional anniversary gift is perfect for the special occasion like this. Select a beautiful diamond anniversary ring and let the years of togetherness glow in the colors of love and cherishment.

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