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Gifting Etiquette

How you gift is as important as what you are gifting. Removing the price tag from a gift is just one of the most basic gifting etiquettes that all of us should follow. But the sophisticated and polished world of today requires a bit more than this basic precautionary measure. Though the exchange of gifts is the most common form of showing affection yet we still give and receive poorly wrapped gifts, thoughtless gift vouchers and old pine scented candles that remind us of the 70sí era. So letís take a look at some holiday and gifting etiquette on whatís appropriate and whatís tacky when we talk about gift giving.

Corporate Gifts

Gifting etiquette plays a very important role in the office circle. Anything inappropriate and it could blow in your face. Playing safe than sorry should be the motto in this gifting circle. For starters be culture sensitive and avoid religious icons. If you are a bit unsure on what to give and what to avoid then cross check with the HR. Let your corporate gifts be impersonal but that doesnít mean that they have to be tasteless and without any thought. Presenting a negligee to your female colleague is an absolute no. Save it for your wife. Avoid the too delicate things like crystals as well. The budget is also very important when we talk about gift etiquette. Too less or too much can be easily misunderstood. Spend wisely and select gift according to your relationship with the colleague. If you are selecting a gift for people in other companies, make sure that the gift contains your companyís name on the wrapper.

Personal Gifts

Most of us tend to take things casually when it comes to personal gifts. The most important thing to keep in mind as far as the gifting etiquette goes is to select a gift according to the personís choice.

Taste: select something that he or she likes. If the recipient is a nature lover then a satchel made out of banana fiber is a perfect present.

Personality: the personís personality is also very important when selecting a present. If the recipient is trend conscious then gifting them clothes or accessories will show your thoughtfulness. And on the other hand giving someone a weigh scale just because they are health conscious is a disaster in gifting etiquette.

Relationship: what kind of relationship you have with the person plays a very important role in gifting etiquette. Cologne, bathrobe, underwear are too personal and should only be given to your partner. If it is a colleague go for something more formal.

Situation: one important thing in gifting etiquette is selecting a gift according to his or her need. Are you gifting something that the person already has or doesnít have any use for it at all? Pick presents that they want and not what you want to give.

Occasion: gifts and occasions go hand in hand. So a romantic cd is right for the Valentineís Day but definitely not thoughtful enough for your first wedding anniversary.


Re-gifting is one of the most ugly forms of gifting etiquette and should be avoided at all costs. If you are wondering whatís re-gifting, it is a gift that you received and didnít want and so you presented it to someone else. Sounds similar? These gifts never work out and portray a bad image of you. These presents just change hands and speak for themselves showing total negligence and casualness.

Wrap it Up

Presentation is as important as gift giving when we talk about etiquette. Wrapping is all part of the moment. So get creative and give your gift unique packing. If you are time tied then professional packing is also a good choice. Never present a gift without proper packaging. Select wrapping paper according to the occasion and age of the person. A teddy bear wrapping paper is great for a kid birthday party but not for a Christmas present for your friend. It is best to select wrapping paper in neutral shades so that it works out for all.

General Rules For Gifting Etiquette

  • If you are planning to send a gift without a particular occasion and feeling completely awkward about it, then write a small note showing your warmth. Like you selected a sweet something for the dining table of your friendís house, so you can write, ĎI saw this and thought it perfect for your dťcor.í

  • Donít feel embarrassed or awkward when presenting a gift. Be gracious about it.

  • Never present a gift before an occasion. There is always a chance it is called off at the last moment.

  • If you liked one gift specially then call the person up or write a thank you note showing your appreciation for the same.

Some Absolute Noís in Gifting Etiquette

Most of us land up gifting presents based on what we like. Here are some absolute noís when you are selecting a gift for those special ones.
  • Donít give your husband something that you secretly want like a painting for your living room.

  • For your dad never select home products. He is really not into them.

  • Gift your mother something that she will remember. Donít give her more crockery and household stuff. She has lived with it for her whole life.

  • If you are picking up something for your grandparents then medicinal products is an absolute no.

  • If you are selecting something for your brother or sister then donít hastily buy that expensive perfume or leather jacket. Give it some thought and decide whether your sibling likes that stuff or not.

  • For relative and friends donít give similar stuff. Shopping for gifts in bulk is an awful way to gift someone.

  • Donít give gifts to your boss without any specific occasion or reason. It can be misinterpreted as soft bribe.

  • Selecting too many chocolates for children is a bad-gifting etiquette. The parents may not be able to keep tab on how much they consume.

Gifting etiquette is all about taste and thoughtfulness combined together. So the next time you select a gift for someone keep these simple points in mind and take pride in your present.

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