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   LoveCarnival > Love Gifts > What to Gift…When to Gift…Whom to Gift

What to Gift…When to Gift…Whom to Gift

Selecting the right gift is such a challenge. After all we can’t know about the preference of everybody. But then the art of gifting is all about tackling these difficult moments and gifting something that just clicks right. So let’s take a quick look at what kind of gifts can be given for different occasions and what gift items should be avoided at all times.

Birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, new year, promotion, thank-you gift, when feeling low

Wedding, as there is enough of cakes and sweets anyway.

Acquaintances, colleagues, close friends, relatives, just visiting children

Elderly people who are sick or are recovering from illness

Don't give chocolate cake on birthday. Instead go for orange or lemon cake. For Christmas instead of plum try date or carrot cake.

Put cakes on cake stands or plates & cover with cellophane. Chocolates come in attractive packaging itself.

Birthdays with another gift, sickness and housewarming.

Wedding day

Flowers go only for women and fruits preferably for women

Children and also men especially flowers.

Avoid giving a single stem of flower. Select flowers according to their color as different flowers mean different things.

Give flowers or fruits in a disposable container especially when visiting sick. Flowers can also be given with a nice vase.

Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, get well soon gifts, congratulatory gifts


Anyone and everyone…keep their age and choice in mind.

Managers. You don't know their taste in music

Don't buy the most obvious cd. Gift something they like but is unique as well.

Present a cd on a cd rack.

Weddings, for parents, simply surprising them.

Birthdays and anniversaries

People who are close to you in another city. Weddings where you would like them to pick up something of their choice.

Elderly. They may be too old to shop around.

Give gift checks for for something that you can't get across like a microwave coupon for your mom.

Put the gift check in a pretty envelop instead of the shop envelop.


Any occasion or festival.

On the spot gifting

Anyone keeping in mind their likings. Good for newborns.


Go for theme based hampers like wine, fruit and cheese etc.

Attractive baskets and buckets for children hampers.

Sick and casual visits, health conscious friends

Occasions, events and festivals

Close friends and relatives.

Children and acquaintances

Get unusual stuff like roasted snacks, therapeutic foot soak etc.

Gift wrap in a towel or bathrobe & decorate with fresh flowers.

Friends, bridal shower

Occasions, events and festivals

Close friends and relatives.

People of opposite sex except your spouse.

Go for herbal and homemade products

Put in a wicker basket with some scented soaps and candles.

New books

Any occasion, festival or event. Summer vacation gift for kids

Acquaintances whose reading habits are unknown to you.


A complete book reader, he may have already read it. Or tell the shopkeeper you may need to exchange it.

Keep the person in mind and go for the latest Harry potter book or a coffee table book.

Instead of a gift tag go for a bookmark. One can also give book ends.

Colleague birthdays, promotions, new job or opening a new office.

Festivals and weddings

Colleagues, children, people from abroad.

Close friend or relative unless it is for a promotion or something on similar lines.

Avoid pen sets, except for the best qualities.

Make a formal gift wrap.

Birthdays, pre-wedding celebrations, festivals.

Impersonal events or celebrations

Close friends and relatives

Colleagues and acquaintances

Avoid tight fitting clothes. No make up stuff. Perfumes are acceptable

Wrap them in proper boxes and gift-wraps.


Any celebration


Close friends, relatives, teens, spouse

Someone who knows more about gadgets than you.

Give only educational gadgets to a young child.

A large tied in net with an attractive ribbon is perfect.

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