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Love Hearts

Ever wondered why the emotions of love are always related to the heart? Well thatís because itís the heart that beats to the rhythm of different emotions. Of course one can see it in a scientific way also, but love hearts is a bond thatís inseparable. Right from the beginning of time, lovers have promised undying love to each other and pledged their hearts.

Mesmerizing this beautiful feeling we bring together this section of love hearts. Here you will find some great romantic tips to win someoneís heart and express the undying love for each other. Each of these romantic ideas is perfect for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. Donít let love pass you by. Select these love heart tips and welcome a romantic valentine into your lives once and forever.

Tips to Win Her Heart

When it comes to women, men have much to accomplish. Here are some absolute Doís for any and every man, if he wants to win her heart.

Appearance Matters!

A guy wants that his girl should like a princess at all times. So all men out there, today a woman also wants her man to be at his best appearance at all times. Woman like their men to be strong and masculine but that is not an excuse to turn up unwashed, unshaven and smelly. A man has to love his girl and also win her heart over.

Just shave regularly, shower and keep clean. After all she is not your mom to clean you up. Appear, as you would wish her to appear. Take care of your personal hygiene as well. Oily hair, dirty nails and untidy shoes can turn anybody off, least to say your girlfriend. So just pay a little bit of extra effort and enjoy the romantic company of a pretty woman.

Fashion and Style

Men think, dressing is so simple for guys. After all how many options are truly available? But once more this is a complete understatement, and you know it in your heart. Develop a taste of your own. Avoid wearing bright colors in the morning. But also donít appear always in the shades of blues and greys. Feel the spirit of your heart and wear accordingly. Have a varied wardrobe with jeans, trousers and suits. Dress as the occasion demands.


Habits are one thing that becomes an invisible part of us. As the good habits reflect easily, same way bad habits are also quite easily seen. In the case of love hearts your habits play an important role. Smoking is one thing that is a big NO. Smoking is not only injurious to your own health but also to other people. And yes it is completely out of style if thatís your excuse.

Drinking alcohol is generally accepted. But the question is the amount and frequency. If you are opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate an occasion it is ok. But if every evening you end up in a bar and are the last one to leave then itís not a popularity trait.

Shower Her with Gifts

All women love to be pampered. So surprise her with flowers and gifts. These small gestures speak volumes in itself and is the perfect expression of love hearts. If your love is expressed through heart then the colors are more beautiful and natural. Share her interests and her dreams. Donít make the mistake to forget important dates like birthday and anniversaries. With these small steps, a man can come closer and closer to winning the love heart of his girl.

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