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Love Letters

A great love letter is personal, with something that refers to the special connection that both of you share. If you always go to the same restaurant on Sundays get one of its paper place mats and write your love letter on that; it’s a reminder of a shared moment. You also want unguarded honesty then let your emotions fly. And love letters are not restricted to special occasions. It means even more when it’s not expected. Then it’s an uncontrollable declaration of love.

Not a good writer

People don’t believe this, but it doesn’t matter how well you write. It’s the fact that you committed it to paper. You could draw a picture of a window and write, “I love to watch you through this every day as you come home from work.” A love letter is a reflection of the person who wrote it.

Favorite love letter

Love letters that are a bit complicated are the best. They say we’ve been through something together and have come out the other side, because that’s what love is about.

A 1994 love note from a woman to her boyfriend, whom she later married. “Thank you for the past four nights; I hope we have 4 million more. I love you.”

Twitter and Text Messages

Some say Twitter and text messages are killing the emotional touch of love letters. Not necessarily. You can text someone “I am thinking about your eyes” as you’re on a bus going home. It’s short, but it’s unexpected, and you can string many messages together. It’s so immediate that it connects automatically.

After realizing she was “more than just friends” with a guy, Susan, 22 declared her feelings on Twitter--- within the 140 character limit.

“im convinced that im in love…lol”

Electronic Love Letters vs Hand mailed Letters

A love letter doesn’t have to compete with e-mail. You can use both at different moments. But when was the last time you got a letter in mail? Not a bill or catalogue but a love letter. That letter is more meaningful because it’s so rare.

Why write letters?

We want love to last, and we think it will. Writing it down is a hopeful act. It guarantees that in some way, it will last. It’s like taking the picture of a baby; you are capturing something you know is going to change.

“Honey, I miss you. I work hard, hoping that, because I do I’ll be able to see you sooner. I can truthfully say that I live for the day we can settle down for the rest of life together. Don’t ever doubt that. All of my love, Bill.”

One of the hundreds of letters that Bill Neff, a solider stationed in Europe; sent to Maxine King from 1942 to 1944. Bill returned home safely, and the two married and lived happily together for 60 years. He died in 2002. Maxine is now 90.

Scared of sending love letters?

Love letters are very intimate. There is always the question at the beginning of a relationship; when is it the right time to say, “I love you” without getting laughed at. The risk is there, but when the feeling is reciprocated, the reward is sweet.

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