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   Lovecarnival >Love and Marriage > Girls that Guys Marry!

Girls that Guys Marry!

Ever wondered why a guy you are deeply involved with, enjoyed a steady long-term relationship suddenly answers coldly, ĎI donít see myself getting married everí once you hint on the nuptial bond? And then you suddenly see him married to a new chick whom he barely knows.

Well it happens all the time. The reasons that tip over a happy relationship to a complete fall out are some simple qualities that women have. It may be a bit difficult for a woman to understand whatís the big deal with these attributes, but they are something that are on the top most list in a manís mind.

One part why a man wants to get married is the chemistry and the passion of course but it is also some actions and behaviors that play an important role. Here are the five basic traits that all men look for in a woman to walk down that aisle.

She is Exciting And Mysterious

Women are known to be very mysterious in nature, but are all women so puzzling after all. What men donít at all admire is predictability. There has to be some excitement and innovation in his girl. Women who follow her heart and tries out new things capture the heart of the man. Being spontaneous and a bit unpredictable is the key to a happy relationship. Donít hide the different facets of your personality. If a man feels that his life will get static with his woman then he will surely not marry you. So whether it is trying out some Italian cooking or organizing some exotic flower arrangements, go on doing something new once in a while and keep your man guessing.

Keeping the Bed Warm
One of the most significant parts of a relationship in the manís world is a happening sex life. In the back of his head, there is always a fear that the great sex life will start falling apart. He wants a girl who connects to him physically and emotionally. He is on a look out for a true bonding. He wants a woman not to have sex just for the heck of it, but completely enjoys it. So both need to come up with innovative ideas to keep their bedchamber hot and happening.

She Believes In Partnership

A guy is absolutely flattered when he feels that his girl loves him completely. But all the appeal dies when he realizes that he has become the existence of her. Thatís why women who maintain their individual identity and retain their independence and sense of self are surely marriage material. If a womanís happiness and sense of fulfillment depends on the man, then it scares him off. After all he is in a relationship to share things with her and not to parent her. The ideal women for a guy is who believes in equal partnership and looks at coupledom as a rock solid commitment.

He Is Still Important To Her

Being independent and being aloof are completely two different things. So donít get them wrong. Men like to settle down in the marriage relationship with a girl who truly cares about him. A woman who always shows her tender side and makes it clear that no matter what happens she will always be around is a gal who is on the top list of all men. Men see this world as a battle ground where a constant fight is on, and he will want you to be by his side at all times. You donít have to become his mother. You simply do those cute small things like giving him hot coffee when he is tired and defending him in public even if he is wrong. You can tell him later on. Prove to him that you are always there for him.

Encouraging To Be The Best

Men donít like women to order them around. On the contrary it is everything about showing your support and pushing him forward. A woman requires helping her man do his best. Support his goals and push him ahead. With your constant encouragement he will be able to get whatever he wants. Challenge him, tease him and donít let me cut slack. If you truly love your man you will definitely be able to help him reach there.

So do you have all these five traits in you? If yes, get ready to walk down that aisle and if not it is not too late to try. After all are they really too difficult?

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