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The Ideal Husband

Marriages are made in heaven, but are they really?

Every girl has got a dream man in her heart. A prince charming who will come and sway her away to the love paradise. But where is this man in shining Armour? When we talk about our would-be, we have some notions in our head. But what are you truly looking for? We want to have the ideal husband who has all the right components in place. But can men actually be perfect? If you are still living in the dreamy world of love marriages and think they are the right thing to do. Or arranged marriages are the safest way to go about it, then girls reality is completely different.

The marriage relationship is not based on love or arranged marriage but the nature of your man and how well you both complement each other. So is your husband sweet, caring and charming? Or is he the sexiest and hottest man in town. Check out whom you have met and let the future unfold itself here!

When thinking about wedlock we all have the notion of happily ever after. But how to make the marriage work? The simplest answer is to get hold of a good husband. But then we need to work it out with our husbands as well. Broadly speaking there are two types of husbands, the cuddly boyfriend husband and the marriage material guy.

The Boyfriend Husband

The boyfriend husband is just like a dream come true. If you are still confused, the boyfriend husband is the guy you feel in love with at a young age and then married him. He is cute, you two are best of friends, he can make you laugh at anything, hot in bed and totally compatible. Well everything wonderful also has a down side to it as well.

This picture perfect guy is wonderful as a boyfriend, but when it comes to become a father or a husband he just canít get the picture. Try and talk him into picking up his wet towel and he just wouldnít get the picture. Further adding to your woes, he just doesnít seem to be around most of the time. He will take care of your bills, even get the groceries but isnít the element of mystery missing??

The boyfriend marriage is the envy of all. Minus the small hiccups this marriage is completely heavenly. Everything is just the way it should be. It seems like this honeymoon will never end. But just like a waterfall you are at a height at one moment and then start falling the next.

Mostly in such marriages, passion and sex are the riding equations. The flame of love is burning at an all time high, but what happens when this kamasutra equation starts fading away? The feeling of insecurity starts to slowly eat away the relationship. You still love him, but just donít know how to connect to him.

So how to make this marriage work out? To make it all perfect read onÖ

The Marriage Material Guy
Well this is the guy who is completely reliable. After all both of you met to get married and take the vows, right? The relationship here is much easier and smoother. In this marriage the sexual lovelock is not in the forefront. The couple steadily grows and evolves in a relationship. The binding factors in such a marriage is shared companionship and romantic attachment for each other. But if you are looking for a wave of passion that will completely change your world, then you are in for disappointment.

Love the One You Are With

So finally, how to love the one whom you are married to? No matter what type of husband you have, it can always be something special shared between only the two of you. The founding stones to any good marriage are based on chemistry, commitment and open communication. And last but not the least, optimistic approach to your relationship. Grass is not always greener on the other side.

Donít judge your husband, but accept him as he is. Donít think that your friendís husband is so good and yours just doesnít have it in him. Forgive him for things that you donít like in him. The challenge is not to change him but grow with him.

You must be thinking that boyfriend husbands and marriage material husbands are so very different, so one definitely needs detailed strategies to handle them. Absolutely not! The see-saw of marriage has two important sides, intimacy and independence. Maintain these two ĎIí and everything else will fall in place.

And if you really need some changes in your married life, then make the first move. If there is something on your mind then discuss it with him. Donít think he can read your mind. If you feel you require more time for yourself, then tell him so. And if you want to add some hot action in your love bed, get down to it. Those days are gone when men made the moves, and girls accepted. Get bold and take your stand. And finally donít strayÖ

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