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Just Married

You have just entered the blissful world of marriage and romance. Everything looks wonderful and romantic, but then there are sudden hiccups that you just canít understand. The feeling of excitement that had initially swept you off your feet is slowly fading away. And as reality takes ground, marriage doesnít look all that sweet and affectionate as before.

Well this is one of the most common problems faced by every couple. The different colors of a relationship are not always easy to handle. To some couples, the first year of marriage should feel like a prolonged honeymoon. But the fact remains that the first year of marriage is the most challenging time ever.

The issues can be anything, right from financial control to those nagging habits of your spouse. Marriage is one of the most practical relationships that two persons share with each other. It is the most delicate and the strongest relationship that can be.

So here are some tips to make the scales of your married life perfectly balanced giving you the feeling of union that you felt the first time you were in the arms of your spouse.

Talk about the Daily Humdrum

Fighting over household responsibilities is one of the major areas where partners fall apart. With both partners living a tight scheduled job who controls the television remote sparks off the biggest fights. Sounds quite kiddish right? But this is a fact. A space to breath and respect each otherís individuality is very much required in any marriage. So at the beginning only learn the most essential elements of a successful marriage that is adjustments. Share time with each other. Soon you will see your husband also interested in your daily soaps and your wife ready with popcorn for the match of the season. Become friends instead of man and wife.

Throw away the Preset Notions

Most couples enter the marriage with preset notions of how the marriage is going to be. Somewhere along the line we want to recreate all the great things of our parents marriage. But we forget that neither the times are same nor the persons. If a husband expects his wife to treat him as his mom used to treat his father then it is completely wrong. Your wife has an individuality and respect her for that. Same way daughters try to look for the protective shield of their father in their husband. She has to realize she is no longer a small girl. Her partner is there to support her and walk along side not spoon feed her. If both individuals mature and grow up then things will be much better in a marriage.

Look Out for Opportunities

Marriage is like water. It will take the shape of the utensil you put it into. So how about shaping your married life in a warm and trustable fashion. Forget the textbook definition of marriage or what your grandmother defined the marriage to be. Try out different methods and form a foundation to your relationship. How about talking things over, what each one of you expects from a marriage. You both are a couple of this generation, so make your life the way you want it to be.

Just married is not a phase or term, it is the way we live our lives. You have got something precious and moments shared between a husband and wife are the most beautiful moments that can ever be. Savor each one of them.

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