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Marriage Makeover

It takes two to tango and it takes two to make a marriage workÖ

Marriage is one of the most romantic notions in a love relationship. But believe it or not, it takes a lot of hard work to make the cup and the saucer meet. Honeymoon is a part of marriage and not the marriage itself. Sooner or later the couple is going to hit the ground of reality and start living with each other as a couple.

So how to make the marriage work? A newly married couple is all passionate and romantic and it seems that this love story will last forever and ever. But to keep the marriage boat balanced commitment and responsibility also play an important part.

The couple needs to accept that there are going to be ups and downs in a relationship, and it is completely up to the couple to understand each other in testing times and try to work out things together.

Here are some simple points that will definitely help to nurture your relationship and help you plan a long happy life together.

Respect Each Other

Always respect each other. There can be bitter moments in a relationship, but that doesnít allow either of you to disrespect one another or use unkind words. Throwing accusations on each other is never ever helpful. Marriage requires you to be a bit tolerant. Donít use offensive words and try to understand each other.

Make Goals Together

One of the biggest changes that every couple has to undergo is doing things together. Before marriage a person decides only for himself or herself. The goals, career moves and finance are all limited to you only. But after you tie the knot, things change. You require to involve your partner in this as well. Sit and decide your goals together. Whether it is career, home front or budget the opinion of both matters a lot.

Make Time for Each Other
Newly wed couples needs to spend time with each other. You must have heard often that as boyfriend and girlfriend you used to enjoy so much of time with each other, and after marriage things are just not the same. Well the answer is, things will not be the same. When we look at the past we have a dreamy look, but we forget that we were younger at that time and now our lifestyle has changed. So there is going to be a bit of difference. Also social responsibilities and obligations weigh on the relationship. So, a couple needs to make a conscious effort to spend time with each other.

Do Things Together

Do things together as much as you can. Whether it is preparing breakfast together or going for a jog be together. Spend time in each otherís company. You can simply be at home and enjoy popcorn along with a romantic movie. After all where else can you find complete privacy other than your own home.

Keep Your Relationship Alive!

Have fun together! Share jokes and laugh together. Enjoy each otherís company. Donít let your marriage stagnate and become a monotonous humdrum. Be around your spouse and lock out your friends, family and children for a while. Donít take each other for granted. Give small gifts and plan surprises to keep the flame of love burning in your marriage.

Stay Faithful to Your Partner

Well this is the most sensitive point. Most of us think, that it canít happen to us. Our partner is completely faithful to us. And the best way to ensure this, is by being honest to each other. Solve problems that come up in your marriage and not escape them. Even if you have been married for thirty good years, there is still scope of improvement and knowing each other better. So build on your dreams and meet your targets together.

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